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Is harp necessary for Puk ISNM

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  • Is harp necessary for Puk ISNM

    Just recently got BRD high enough to be able to participate in Shadows of the Mind ISNM, but there is one thing I'm not sure about: is it necessary to have a harp equipped to hit all of the clones when the puk uses Boreas Mantle, or will horn be sufficient AoE?

    I have been very surprised at how small the AoE actually is when I use Horde Lullaby with a horn and don't want to screw up someone's run by missing a couple of the clones because I used the wrong instrument.

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    Re: Is harp necessary for Puk ISNM

    I stick to Nursemaid's for that, I don't really have a specific string build but they aren't very resistant, with a standard debuffing set and capped skill you should be fine accuracy wise. While they initially pop close enough for Mary's to work fine, the way they all spawn on top of the main NM forces the NM to move to reposition itself. A lot of times the melees will change their positioning in response, which can make the pops separate a bit as they move as well trying to get into place, sometimes this will pop them out of Horn range.

    If you have someone who is very fast on the -agas to clear them it's not really an issue either way, but the Harp is definitely safer.
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      Re: Is harp necessary for Puk ISNM

      I did this one quite a few times, I didn't even have my wind instrument capped -do to level sync- and I never had any problems. I think you'll be just fine my friend.


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        Re: Is harp necessary for Puk ISNM

        Just have your BLM Celerity (have it active after 1st nuke) + -ga


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          Re: Is harp necessary for Puk ISNM

          A harpis going to hit the widest range, so go with that as you have know way of really knowing how far your people will spread out. Well, before they try to kill you, anyway.

          Also, its Alacrity for Sleepga. Celerity is the White magic Stratagem that halves casting times.


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            Re: Is harp necessary for Puk ISNM

            I've always used Mary's Horn.. you just have to hit it immediately when you see Boreas Tundra being readied.

            It shouldn't be very hard... you buff everyone before you pull (with Elegy), toss on Requiem and Threnody and wait for it. Then hit your Lullaby macro. Try not to yawn if on Ventrilo.
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              Re: Is harp necessary for Puk ISNM

              Nursemaid's Harp is relatively cheap (on most Worlds); think of it as a very reasonable insurance to hit every copy.

              It's useful for Dynamis and Einherjar, too, and for any event where there are multiple monsters that don't always stay nice and tight together.
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