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  • Ultimate Job Goals:

    So I've decided to set some goals for myself. With all these seals I'm accumulating, it seems an awful waste to just let them sit there and clutter up my inventroy... but I also cant bring myself to get rid of them since I know they're valuable to people. What if I decide to take up that job in the future right? After all, I never planned to be a NIN either... but that just kinda happened. So here's my list of job goals. Once these levels are achieved, I do not plan to level anything any further. I decided that 4 jobs at 90 seems like a reasonable goal. I also want to have a taste of all the various job roles the game as to offer... so I'm spreading the wealth (so to speak).

    Level 90 SMN <--- It's always been my love... ever since started the game. It will also always be my career job that takes priority over any other.
    Level 90 NIN <--- My accidental front line job that kinda fell on me. I want to take a stab at tanking and soloing things. This seems ike the only job that I would be willing to do that with.
    Level 90 WHM <--- Healing. It's something I got very used to as I leveled SMN over the years. I kinda have a flair for it and I'm told that I do a great job whenever I play as WHM... so whay not, right?
    Level 90 COR <--- Buffing/Pulling/Support... also... it's a pirate... c'mon! I already have NIN... I have to round it out. Lets be fair.

    With these main jobs in mind. It kinda makes my list of SJs pretty huge. So lets see...

    BLM <--- Good for SMN and WHM (mainly WHM)
    RDM <--- Good for SMN and WHM (mainly WHM... sometimes for SMN)
    SCH <--- Good for SMN and WHM (mainly WHM... sometimes for SMN)

    DNC <--- Good for NIN and COR (Mainly NIN)
    THF <--- Good for NIN and COR (Mainly NIN)
    WAR <--- Good for NIN (back in the day... not sure right now)

    BRD <--- Good for COR (Mega Buff Mode: Engaged)
    RNG <--- Good for COR (Pulling)

    From what I can gather... nothing else would really be of any use to me. If I'm wrong, feel free to add anything you think I should add.

    As for my goals (strictly speaking in EXP and LVL terms), I'm nottoo far off from getting my main jobs to where I need them.

    SMN = 90
    NIN = 72
    WHM = 53
    COR = 53

    SJs are a different story...

    BLM = 22
    RDM = 1
    SCH = 37
    DNC = 12
    THF = 25
    WAR = 10
    BRD = Not even unlocked yet
    RNG = 5

    I chose onyl 4 jobs at 90 simply because I know how much inventory space the ones I already chose take up. As SMN main... I have a lot of macro gear... specific to each avatar and some circumstantial gear that I just cant bare to part with. COR has a lot of cards and stacks of bullets that I need to keep on me and NIN has a lot of tools to carry around that also take up a lot of space... not to mention any of the macro-gear for either of those jobs. WHm is different, unless I design a melee set and a healing set... there shouldn't be much to macro around that I can think of.

    Even with all the inventory space that we now have available to us... I still find myself holding all of my NIN and COR gear in my Mog Sack... all of my "if I need it" gear in my Mog Satchel... IE: Coffer Keys, Bonanza Marbles, Tele Rings, EXP rings etc. That leaves me with my SMN set being full time on my person.

    In my Mog House I have my Storage full of random stuff like RARE/EX items used for various quests... my Locker full of RARE/EX gear and other assorted gear for various level sync occasions... and my last inventory is filled with stacks of stuff I pick up/plan to sell.

    4 Jobs is all I can spare the room for... lol.

    So what are your ultimate goals? I want to hear what everyone else plans to do.

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    Re: Ultimate Job Goals:

    Making twice or more money working half the time!!!! \(^-^)/
    "In this world, the one who has the most fun is the winner!" C.B.
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      Re: Ultimate Job Goals:

      Jobs I want to level to 90:

      Lvl 90 SMN - Current and highest job. I really love it, my second fav, def.
      Lvl 90 BLU - My most favorite job. I immediately went to unlock it when I hit level 30 on my first job, WHM.
      Lvl 90 BLM - OMG, this job is sooooo much fun!
      Lvl 90 PUP - I love this quirky fun job. I love having Lobo by my side.

      Current Levels:

      68 SMN
      50 BLU
      38 BLM
      34 PUP

      Subjobs goal:

      50 SCH
      50 WHM
      50 DNC

      Current Sub levels:

      31 SCH
      36 WHM
      24 DNC

      I am really looking forward to reaching my goal and getting all the cool armor that comes with those jobs.
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        Re: Ultimate Job Goals:

        I’ll chime in I guess. I don’t play Cor so I can’t tell you for sure, but I don’t think you really need to lvl brd as a subjob. Everything I’ve tried with /brd was horrible. And your not gonna be a ‘mega buffer’ if all it offers is 1 additional gimpy song (low signing/instrument skills plus you can’t equip instrument either). But again, I don’t play cor so I could be horribly wrong.

        Jobs I want to level to 90 (pretty much done)
        Lvl 90 Bst – Best job errrr
        Lvl 90 Pup - Second best job errr
        Lvl 90 Smn – slightly losing interested but still love it
        Lvl 90 Blm – Very fun
        Lvl 90 Whm – currently 89, this is more for those times when/if I cant find a healer…

        Subjobs goal:

        49 Rdm (@41)
        49 Sch (@25)
        49 DNC (@42)
        49 Nin (@40)

        My goal is to fully +2 all my Bst and Pup gear…maybe Smn too depending on how long it takes. The other jobs I’m happy just getting +1s.

        I’m holding off on subjobs until they adjust FoV, unless of course I get luck and get to key whore.

        -Ukon (85) 27/75 claws
        -Farsha (90) Completed!!
        -Verth (90) Completed!!
        -Guttler (95) Completed!
        -Gandiva (80) 24/50 wings
        -Ochain 27/50, 50/75, 8/75
        -Aegis just started

        ***Thank you xxFunWithJugsxx for all the help/support***


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          Re: Ultimate Job Goals:

          I fell into the trap of picking my favorite/best job right from the start. Whenever I'm not on Red Mage it doesn't feel right, like I'm wearing someone else's skin. For me taking Red Mage all the way is my only real goal. Everything else is just a side project for me.

          Unfortunately this also means I hate leveling subjobs so I'm trying to convince myself I can get away with /SCH for everything. One day I'll probably bite the bullet and level /NIN as well, but there are a ton of reasons not to do that right now, not least of which is the cost to do so.

          I took White Mage to 37 and while it's a good job, I just don't have any desire to touch it again or utilize what it has to offer. So it can sit in stasis and rot forever.

          Black Mage I could see myself taking a little further, as sleeping links is something I kind of enjoy and the job itself was fun enough that I took it to 40 back when I was only prepping it for the days of the 75 level cap.

          So yeah, I'm planning to ride RDM/SCH all the way to the top.

          No, the Desert Boots haven't influenced that decision in any way, I don't know what you're talking about.
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            Re: Ultimate Job Goals:

            Jobs I want to level to 90 (or higher as that comes):

            White Mage (currently 85)
            Warrior (currently 53)
            Summoner (currently level 8, but it seems like so much fun when my I see my friends on it)

            Really that's all, but i may kick the tires on a couple of other jobs if SMN isn't as fun as it looks. (BLU maybe?)

            Subjobs are almost done:
            Ninja @ 49, though I still need Utsutsemi: Ni. (I know, I know, I soloed it though and didn't disappoint any parties after 37)
            Samurai @ 49
            Monk @ 49, though you don't use that after /NIN becomes an option
            Scholar @ 44, will finish shortly
            Black Mage @ 33 and may never touch again
            Red Mage @ 13, not necessary since i have /SCH, but I will do it at some point.

            Originally posted by cidbahamut View Post
            No, the Desert Boots haven't influenced that decision in any way, I don't know what you're talking about.
            Love my Desert Boots. I don't know how I walked anywhere without them.
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              Re: Ultimate Job Goals:

              That's a good list of future accomplishments... nothing to add really since I don't have those jobs level'd.

              I'm waiting for that update as well... unless of course I get lucky enough to Key-whore. But goals for myself and leveling include:


              WAR 49 - currently 40
              NIN 49 - currently 44
              MNK 49 - currently 10

              On the front of another job... I'm not quite sure I even want to because of space limitations being what they are... I have a perfect system worked out for 3 and I'm happy with what I can and can't do on them. I've been considering taking a caster job up... but that would also mean a whole slew of subjobs... My choices for those would be either BLM, BLU, or SMN. But again... that's a lot of gear and time and I doubt I'll do it. I'm more likely willing to take NIN or MNK all the way since I have a great start on evasion and other melee skills. Idk... it's a conundrum. Most of my goals are now in line with adventuring and furthering my standings on missions and storylines.
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                Re: Ultimate Job Goals:

                Get every job to 90 (I'm up to about 11 or 12 now, lowest is 48 COR)

                Finish that god damned Masamune for SAM.

                "BLAH BLAH BLAH TIDAL WAVE!!!"