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    i really need help chosing which job to take to 75. I always seem to have problems choosing between many different options because i like all of them. Iam deciding between ninja,thief,ranger,blackmage, and monk. and if it matters, my race will be a tarutaru or elvaan. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of these jobs and which one is the best choice?

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    Re: Help me chose

    The choice that is best for you, is the one that you will enjoy the most. When I started playing this game, I wanted to be a ninja more than anything. BZZZZZT! That ended and I started up Dark Knight but back in the day drk was like pup is treated now and getting a party was hell so I stopped that. I jumped from this job to that job and it took me quite a while before I finally settled in and decided on just one........for the moment.

    The point is, you can say "this is the job I'm going to take to 75" when you start out but chances are you'll get sidetracked. It's happened to all of us and its one of the funnest things about this game. You learn all different things with each job and have new experiences. Don't limit yourself. Take those 5 jobs and say "I'm gonna level all of these to 37 and THEN I'll decide which I want to take further!" Seriously, that really will be the best thing to do and the most fun.
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      Re: Help me chose

      last time that i played i started as monk then switshed to a redmage then a ninja then a bst then a bluemage then a thief and i still couldnt decide on which one so thats why i was asking
      i think that i will try out ranger thief and ninja but still not sure. do you know if ninja can dd and how is the damage from thief and ranger compared to others?
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        Re: Help me chose

        We can't answer this for you. This is like asking "What's the best job in the game?"

        What a better question would be is what kind of player are you? Do you like dealing spike damage? Do you like good damage over time? Do you like front-line jobs? Do you like back-line jobs? Do you like tanking?

        These are the questions you need to ask yourself, and if you're still not sure, level all your jobs to 20 and decide then.
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