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Must read for all. PT strat. JP and NA

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    >at this time, we have a choice, whether we should sit down until the very last minute puller comes back, or not to sit to save TP. personally, i won't sit, due to the circumstance, mainly that we have the 4th chain coming up, and that we won't have time for PLD's TP to build up from 0 to make the chain.

    Personally I would sit down to save mp for Chains 5 and 6. Because unless you are using spirits within at 300% TP, a paladin's damage even with WS is not high enough to really affect the speed at which you take down a monster.

    But you are right. This guide is just a beginners guide and anyone who tries to follow it to the word is just a n00b.

    Your role in the party changes from party to party, from hunting ground to hunting ground, from monster's position in the chain to monster's position in the chain. There's hundreds of things to consider. You can't make a word-for-word guide for this game.


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      THF starts attack behind PLD (S&T-Attack)
      Wasn't this changed? I thought Thief needs to be at a 90 degree angle to the Pld to use Trick Attack properly.


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        You have it exactly backwards. The change is that THF can *no longer* be at a 90 degree position and still have sneak attack work. Trick attack will still work, I think - but the attack may miss, and even if it hits, won't do as much damage and therefore won't put as much hate on the tank.

        In order to do SA/TA now, the tank must be directly behind the monster with the thief directly behind the tank. This means that a secondary tank, or the puller (if not the thf), has to have hate long enough to set up the SA/TA. So do it quickly, before the monster gets TP.
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          fortunately, as u level even higher, this problem gets somewhat solved. while the Shield Break was weakened in the Dec patch, the accuracy in higher lvl's has been raised. of course, without Life Belt, our accuracy still sucks much, but w/ the belf put on, we usually don't have that much of problem to keep up w/ others' TP, at least as much as u r thinking. and of course, if BRD and/or SMN r in a party, PLD can get TP enough to keep up w/ others.
          But the attackers can use the life belt too. Along with other +acc items such as sniper's, which the PLD won't be using. Thus bringing them below the attackers in terms of acc.

          Last night, me (DRG) and a THF were able to get our distortion renkei off almost every battle. Even with refresh, our PLD had to heal to keep hate from the souleater spamming DRK. The PLD very rarely had TP for a WS, and if they did, the damage was horrible compared to what me and the THF were doing. Another thing that took MP was Flashing the mob when I did the inital provoke to start the TA on the PLD. Flash kept me from getting hit as much so the WHM didn't have to spam cures on me, thus drawing too much hate. Berserk and dual sniper's on a DRG can be deadly at times.
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            Pretty much know all the information but its nice to read and see this information is around for new people to read. I give it 2 tumbs up.
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              the question of a pld healing or not can be broken down pretty simply.

              1. is he receiving enough MP regen that he has enough MP to maintain hate in upcoming battles? in other words, does the pld feel confident that his mp supply will be sufficient if he relies on only refresh/ballad.

              2. if his mp is low after battles, could he still keep hate using a little less casting? if the pld has a strong grasp on hate, he can leave the healing up to the mages a little more to save himself some mp.

              3. is the pld holding other dd's back by trying to keep is TP? in many cases, pld damage is almost negligible compared to other dd's. so by not worrying about the pld's damage and just spamming spells, you can allow other dd's do stay berserk'd/keep nuking/keep firing arrow/etc...

              it seems to me like there was a lot more resting for me before lvl 60. i very very rarely ever used tp ad rested every fight except with i had ballad and refresh. now i rest very rarely, i conserve mp a little more and leave some healing up to the mages but still maintain hate with ws's.

              the time when i stopped resting and started using tp was also about the time i switched from an RK belt to a life belt and a medieval gorget to a royal guards collar. main reason for that was now that AF has been equipped hitting more means a whole lot more emnity.


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                oh yea and a comment on that pt strat...meh, definitely for low lvl's. higher lvl's should be chaining straight IT-IT++. skill chains should be occuring every fight.

                also one thing he mentions about hate "hate-down when... time progress (hate is down)." a large number of players dispute that and say that hate does not fade or that only hate from abilities fades but hate from healing and damage dealt does not. honestly its very hard to judge. but as a pld i have noticed when i'm helping people with quests and such, and i show up mid fight, its almost impossible to get hate, which would point me to hate doesnt fade.

                also, whats the deal with summoners in there? he mentions absolutely nothing about summoners during the entire strat. the only time he even has summoner in there is in the little table, but its a blank space next to it.


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                  Paladin should always rest IMO. Paladin is a defensive job, there isn't really need for them to participate in a sc because they aren't going to help that much with damage anyway. (My first post^^)