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Eco Warrior Quest,Ifrit Server

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  • Eco Warrior Quest,Ifrit Server

    Is there anyone tht needs to do this quest cuz i do and i cant solo it ,so if anyone does need to mail me or send a /t to Slyth
    War Lvl 37 Thf Lvl 31 Drg lvl69 Pld lvl 39 Nin 23 Whm 20 Blm 10 Smn- Fire weather, Do You Have It??????????

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    Re: Eco Warrior Quest,Ifrit Server

    I think I need it? Good god, it's been ssoooo long since I've even thought about that quest O.o

    I think, if I remember correctly, that you can just have 75 clear the way for you as you progress. Can't remember if there is anything hard that you have to fight (vaguely rememer those blubbery bastards as NMs . . .) and I'm @ work and cannot check atm.