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  • Serpent General's Quests

    I have really enjoyed these until I got to the Hume woman's part of the quest.

    Spoiler for Galesperent Quest
    Thanks Kazuki.
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    Re: Serpent General's Quests

    Well, I think he was probably in the way... and I'm sure they were doing a lot of moving around. And Rughadjeen did say it was a chance to make up for her mistake, by saving far more lives than she failed.

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      Re: Serpent General's Quests

      I actually really enjoyed these quests, cool storyline, and SE did a good job on the cutscene animations, especially on the first quest and the Zarzarg subquest. Plus 2k IS total and 2 Gold Pieces if I remember correctly, I recommend checking these quests out!
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