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is there a place to download tetra master?

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  • is there a place to download tetra master?

    i downloaded the complete game with steam but tetra master doesnt seem to be included tried emails and tickets. if any one could help would be great.

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    Re: is there a place to download tetra master?

    it should be built into PlayOnline, go to games under POL and it should be next to FFXI
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      Re: is there a place to download tetra master?

      i have clicked that but it says game not installed. i downloaded the collection with steam and im guessing it didnt come with tetra for some reason.


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        Re: is there a place to download tetra master?

        Tetra Master is usually included with the POL client, so unless you missed something installing that, maybe its just not included within the steam version. I'd call the Steam people just to make sure it was supposed to be included.

        But trust me, you're not really missing anything. Tetra Master Online is junk anyway. You'll spend hours playing it to level up your cards just to have a user who's been playing for years stomp you with his/her deck and take all those cards away and not rematch you.

        Stupid cards leveling up.


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          Re: is there a place to download tetra master?

          IIRC, the Vista download of the POL client on the PlayONline site includes Tetra Master.

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