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Unable to play FFXI due to missing Content ID?

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  • Unable to play FFXI due to missing Content ID?

    Just as the title suggests, my FFXI content ID is missing from my content IDs page. I logged in just fine a few days ago on the 29th of August, but today I was unable to log on due to my content ID being "canceled". It suggests that I update my billing information, but it will not accept my old card, nor will it accept my other credit card. As for now, I do not see any possible way of playing.

    Related question:
    Will I be charged for the content ID even though it does not appear on the "content ID" section?

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    Re: Unable to play FFXI due to missing Content ID?

    This happened to my brother as well. It might have something to do with the Veri Secure BS that SE is pulling now.


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      Re: Unable to play FFXI due to missing Content ID?

      Interesting. Do you know about whether or not I'll be charged?


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        Re: Unable to play FFXI due to missing Content ID?

        Not that I know of. If you contact your bank you can get ahold of them asn ask if they support it. I'll have a link for you in a few that will show you how to use it.

        <Edit> Heres the links to the Q and A for the links to the site.
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