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  • Ragnarok Importers 2002-2003

    TLDR: I'm interested in saying hello to the people with whom I played FFXI 13 years ago. If you played on Ragnarok and remember me (Gatts), please feel free to email me. I'm going to go against my better judgment and provide my email address (although an alternate one):

    I posted in general because the individual server forums seem to be gone. If anyone knows of a better place to post this, on this or any other forum, please enlighten me.

    //end TLDR

    I imported FFXI over 13 years ago. I made a lot of friends, and probably even more enemies, throughout the 16 month period that I played. Since then, my life has been a virtual roller coaster ride and I've fallen out of touch with almost everyone that I knew from Ragnarok. My time spent playing FFXI is precious to me, mostly because of the relationships that I formed during that time. Although it was a relatively short period of time, I'd really like to at least say hello to anyone with whom I used to play. As part of a nostalgia recollection exercise, I'm going to list some of the players that I remember (excuse me if I leave you out, as it's been nearly 1/3 of my life since I last played):

    Ethos: The first person I ever met in the game. I originally started a character on Ixion server in early December 2002. Some posters on convinced me to start over on Ragnarok, because that's where the bulk of the other importers were playing. Switching was one of the best decisions I ever made. I randomly ran into Ethos in West Sarutabaruta while fighting a mandragora. He asked me a question in Japanese, to which I responded "I don't know Japanese." He quickly responded that he was an American and living in a state that neighbors mine. He recruited me to write for an online gaming magazine for which he was an editor. My FFXI review earned me an E3 press pass in 2003.

    Gantoris: I vividly remember Gant (who got his name from an obscure Star Wars novel) telling me about his pharmacy studies (in either Washington or California) while we were farming scorpions and crawlers in Shakhrami in the Spring of 2003. He would wander every major city in the game, speaking to every NPC, recording their quest dialogue, posting it on these forums, requesting and retrieving translations from friendly users, and then leading me through every questline. I believe that he and I completed every quest in the original game and first expansion using this method. He put a truly incredible amount of effort into this endeavor, and I don't think I ever appropriately thanked him for it. Gant and I treacherously duo'd our PLDs to level 20 on dhalmel in Buburimu. He eventually played BRD for the sake of the group, but ultimately committed to DRG. I lost sight of him once I became obsessed with HNM hunting.

    Ecko/Carnage: IRL brothers from SoCal. I think Carnage stopped playing after a few months and Ecko took over full-time. Career BRD and hilarious contributor to these forums, from what I remember.

    Vivid/Dolo: Started as Dolo, which I remember him telling me was Hawaiian slang for "penis," or something. Switched to Vivid and went career NIN, when NIN was too expensive for almost everyone to play. He, Atrus, and I talked about going to Digipen game design college. I ended up actually going. Like Gant, I mostly lost track of Vivid and Atrus once I became obsessed with HNM hunting.

    Atrus: Creator of one of the most famous FFXI music videos. Career WAR, forever destined to wear the Gundam armor to the grave. I watch his music video every 6 months, hoping to catch a glimpse of Gatts from those days. I never do. The video still brings tears.

    Ayako: Career DRG and cool dude (although technically ambiguously gendered online). SH/e transferred servers after the HNM LS drama that I caused in late 2003. I vaguely remember hearing that he ended up on Garuda, but never pursued it.

    Evilkitty: Evilkitty and I became acquainted when I left Band of the Hawk for Ruby Eyes. He and I eventually left Ruby Eyes and formed Eternal Calm, which later became The Calm (or maybe there was an iteration of the LS before EC... I can't remember).

    Dream/Delirium: Siblings from (I believe) Singapore. Career WHM and THF. I remember monitoring Deli farming astral rings in Oztroja 24/7 VIA /search for months. I think he/she (love having played prior to voice chat. Made the game that much more special) crafted the world first Mahatma Cape (still one of two ever posted on the Rag AH according to ffxiah).

    Hikarisno: Career BRD and member of EC.

    Bebetaro: Career WHM who helped me out several times.

    Angeldust: Career BRD who became a great friend and helped me tremendously.

    Andry: Career BLM who let me borrow his account to farm Baobhan Sith for fun after I retired Gatts.

    Syara: Career MNK who spent more time shouting for PTs in lower Jeuno than actually playing.

    Atrox: Career RDM who went on to lead The Calm. First Excalibur owner that I remember hearing about years after I quit. He was one of the original members of Band of the Hawk and one of the best RDM I ever knew.

    Xuande: Great BRD and rightfully critical of my in-game decisions. I've seen him post under other names on FFXIAH over the years. I never knew, for sure, in which country he lived.

    Drako: Offered to lend me gil and powerlevel me when I first started. I declined and then only kept up with him VIA gossip. I think he was one of the first Maat's Cap owners on the server, which I learned about after quitting.

    Orts: My Co-PLD for every HNM fight. He, Evilkitty, and I (and maybe another healer?) farmed a Kraken Club back when it was still very new. I believe this funded Orts' goldsmithing to 100 by the time I quit the game.

    Densetsu: Career RNG. I'm 99% sure he was an American Navy seaman. First importer Annihilator owner that I know of.

    Ceis/Deis: Awesome MNK and NIN. One of the most impressive things I ever witnessed in the game was Deis solo holding adamantoise as NIN until enough of our LS members could show up.

    Laquincain: Career WAR. Played as a female, but I'm pretty sure he was a dude living in New York. Somehow made a solid living selling video games. Still not completely clear on his setup.

    Oosh: The ever-mysterious Taru BST. I would occasionally run into him around Vana'diel, and he would always help out if asked. I once asked him to help me duo (him on BST and me on worthless-for-duoing PLD) Leshonki in Boyahda. Leshonki has insane auto-regen at night, if I remember correctly. Had to bail.

    Awntawn: Career DRK. Split his time between our HNM LS and his smaller group of original in-game friends. After nearly maxing out leatherworking, I remember trying to synth a couple of sniper ring+1 for him while camping Serket. Very disappointed to have crafted the regulars.

    Buttermilk: My memory is hazy, but I remember farming Ghelsba with you.

    I may edit this as I remember others. I know I'm missing a lot of people. Again, anyone who remembers me, please feel free to reach out.
    Gatts - PLD75/WAR37

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    Re: Ragnarok Importers 2002-2003

    I'm still around but on Asura server now. I never made it into any of the big linkshells at the time though. I started in July 2002 in Windurst, but couldn't make it to Jeuno until March 2004. (Adoulin install on NA PS2)
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      You're not the one who went to Digipen are you?



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        Originally posted by celerius View Post
        You're not the one who went to Digipen are you?

        Yep, that's me. I remember Helba the THF haha. How's it going? It looks like Ping unlocked the server forums so I remade this post here:
        Gatts - PLD75/WAR37