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The Secret to Claiming Mee Deggi the Punisher and Quu Domi

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  • The Secret to Claiming Mee Deggi the Punisher and Quu Domi

    Ive seen many topics of "I want Kotes but dont have the money and camping it is hard because of stupid gilsellers!!!" Now I give you a chance to be able to get your own kotes. But just because you read this dosent mean it still wont be easy. So keep your eyes open.

    Who/What is Mee Deggi the Punisher!?

    In case you dont know, Mee Deggi the Punisher is a NM yagudo that drops those ever so popluar "Ochuido's Kote". (Being the reason most of you people are reading this... ) He's located at Castle Oztroja. before you start heading over to Castle Oztroja...may want to consider a few things I would like to recommand:

    -Any job higher then 49
    -Thf subbed at least to 15 for Treasure Hunter, even better lv 25 because of Flee. *of course if you have THF lv 49 and up...even better!*
    -If your main job dosent have long distance instant-cast abilities (provoke, chi blast, charm, shadowbind, blah blah blah) then feel free to replace THF with another subjob.

    A few things are NOT recommanded:

    -Relying on Widescan
    -Using Ranged attacked
    -Using /targetnpc based macros

    How do you get to where Mee Deggi spawns?

    Click here!use the map on that link. If you dont have a map...Use it anyway!

    It well lead you to a big square room. This is the spawn room of Mee Deggi!

    I'll get to these the juicy stuff.

    How long dose it take to spawn?

    It takes about an hour to be ABLE to spawn. But because its spawn it based on lottery *have to kill the placeholder and it may come out to replace it* It has taken at most 3 hour, at most for me.

    Where does it spawn?

    Dont get confused with the spawn point this site give you. (click here to see)
    Since the repatch, the NM's no longer have a single spawn point anymore. Why is good because now you dont have people camping/botting the spot and now everyone has a "fair" chance. Mee Deggi the Punisher can now spawn ANYWHERE in the room repeat ANYWHERE!!! He can spawn on the water, on the platform, on the land, up a tree *they are birds arnt they*. All except the upstairs area. whats this BIG secret to hunting Mee Deggi then!?

    IM GETTING TO THAT! *ahem* alright ill try to explain this as best that I can. You may have read a guide saying the placeholders are Yagudo Interrogator and Yagudo Drummer. It is correct to a POINT. There is only ONE placeholder in the spawn room! (I know what your thinking..."wtf!?" right?) Okay...there is only ONE placeholder in the room, but its disguised as a Yagudo Interrogator/Drummer. (ya sounds stupid but its true) do you find Placeholder when it looks extacly like 4 other yaggys in the area!?

    Okay, If you notice the normal yagudos all like to stay on the land. (I guess they're afraid of water...or just dont wann get they're feet wet. :/ ) But if you look awhile, you well eventally see one walk on in the water surrounding the platform.

    The placeholder is not bound to restrictions like the other yagudos (because he wants to be different ) The placeholder well freely walk in the water and even climb on the platform sometimes. (please note only Heralds/Oracles spawn on the platform) Click here for an example! (MAJOR NOTE: They have to walk on the water out of they're free *programed* will!!! Draging a random Yagudo in the water does NOT work!!)

    If the placeholder is not in the water or anything like that, you can usally tell by seeing if there just happen to be one too many interrogators/drummers in one spot. Like in this picutre shown HERE!!! When several of the Dummers and Interrogators are close together like that, it means one of them is placeholder. You can take a guess or wait it out.

    Or...if the gilsellers know this trick, you may not have to do any work looking for it! Like this picture HERE!!! Its like the gilfarmers do the work for you... all they do it follow the placeholder till its around time for Mee Deggi to spawn again.

    Okay now that you know which yaggy is the Placeholder, Kill it! and time when you kill it (in game time). Add 5 game hours when you extacly kill it. EX. if you killed it at 16:37 game time, Except a placeholder or the NM to spawn at around 21:37. When you got the time, feel free to kill every other yaggy in the area just to make it easier for you *this is a "double-edged sword" as you help the other guys too*

    At around 10 mins left game time, before the time you took down, start looking around *best spot is running around in circles at the platform but thats just me * when its time, Hit flee if you have and, and go into Super searching mode. The Mee Deggi or another placeholder should spawn around the time you wrote down. If its the placeholder, rinse and repeat the steps. (If you killed all the yaggys after you killed the placeholder, it should be easy to find the placeholder because it should be the only yaggy in the room.)

    5 game hours and around a lil more then 12 mins RL time I think... Ive gotten a total of 9 kotes doing this.

    You can use this guide to hunt down Quu Domi the Gallant except replace interrogators/drummers to Oracles/Heralds

    Now for questions you may have!

    Where did you learn this!?

    I went camping Mee Deggi the Punisher before I knew this...I wondered why those gilselling bastards would some how know when it was about to spawn. (they would use flee before it was time) A friend that perviously camped it told me and I tested it out myself.

    What do you mean you Dont Recommand using Wide Scan!?

    This is the reason why I was able to beat the rangers that camped this place so easly. The room though being big, is at the same time small. From the platform, you can see everything in the room. By the time you see Mee Deggi on your wide scan, someone else well be already running at him. One case being it spawn right behind the ranger and was unable to exit the map fast enough before I chi blasted it.

    Why not /targetnpc either?

    Unless your sever is blessed without them...the room is usally filled with gilselling dragoons (Please dont take offense to this if you a dragoon, im not saying dragoons are all gilsellers, so dont cuss at them unless your sure they're gilsellers) The dragons the dragoons lug with them are considered NPC, and can screw you making a claim on Mee Deggi.

    Your just going to have to rely on a quick reaction rate and a steady "trigger finger" (or a targeting finger)

    What is the drop rate on Kotes?

    My Avg rate with THF subbed is around 1/6 kills. I dont try without it...but my guess is without it its like 1/12. So dont expect to get these right away on your first kill. *though I did get my first one on my 2nd kill that day...*

    Alright, thats all I have right now...ill add pictures and stuff in a lil bit. For those that dont believe me (and are ready to flame me) , try it yourself.

    *note* Feel free to copy paste this topic to other places, just give me credit.

    Credit to Bouncer of Valefor
    Welcome to Bakanarok!

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    Re: The Secret to Claiming Mee Deggi the Punisher and Quu Domi

    huh, sound very interesting. . . I'ma hafta try this some time. >.>

    oh, & none of your links are working.

    Yay, Ty for this Eohmer~

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      Re: The Secret to Claiming Mee Deggi the Punisher and Quu Domi

      Yeah, there were no links to pictures or maps, but they did say they would fix those later.

      I haven't camped this, but I will need them here after a while. Leveling MNK on my mule, and leveling SAM & NIN on my Odude. Would be really nice to have these and not have to spend an arm, a Mithran tail, and a Taru to get them. (Hell, I have items for my RDM I need that are 4mil+ each item! )

      I may try this once I hit Lv.70 tonight.
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        Re: The Secret to Claiming Mee Deggi the Punisher and Quu Domi

        lolorz ... now the whole community knows this, expect HEAVY competition for this NM. Sigh ...


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          Re: The Secret to Claiming Mee Deggi the Punisher and Quu Domi

          Well, this forum is really just a fraction of the community I don't think it's going to affect things that adversely.

          Good luck to whoever needs it ;P.

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            Re: The Secret to Claiming Mee Deggi the Punisher and Quu Domi

            btw, haven't camped this sucker in a long time, but folks have been saying that the PH is no longer just the one that walks in water. just a word of caution seeing how this information is months old (i've seen it posted elsewhere few months ago).

            Thanks Yyg!


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              Re: The Secret to Claiming Mee Deggi the Punisher and Quu Domi

              I went to check it out and Mee Deggi did spawn from the one placeholder that walked in the water that I had killed. It was just a one time trial, but it may still be accurate.

              I really wouldn't worry at this point. It's not like nobody knows who Mee Deggi the Punisher is these days, and the Kotes are such a heavily demanded item that I doubt visitors of knowing this little tip will drop the price to nothing or cause the NM to be hella overcamped.
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                Re: The Secret to Claiming Mee Deggi the Punisher and Quu Domi

                I camp Mee Deggi and Quu Domi often and there's only one placeholder and it sometimes walks on the water. But there's one thing I havn't figured out... Sometimes a yagudo starts walking on the water then a little while after while I'm fighting it, the NM pops and a gilseller kills it.


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                  Re: The Secret to Claiming Mee Deggi the Punisher and Quu Domi

                  Theres more than 1 yag that walks on water, 2 were actually on it at one point last time I went. The little river and the pool dont count as water though, only the main body around the island. Also ones that walk into the water a tiny bit are still following theyre set patern, the one who stays in the water for long periods of time and walks around the whole maps the PH, its not only the water that gives it away.
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