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New<returning>player looking for LS, people to play with.

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  • New<returning>player looking for LS, people to play with.

    Hi, I played years ago at north american release, played for a while, and quit when wow came out. I'm now back, saw it on steam and couldnt resist any longer. I'm leveling up my mnk but I forgot how unforgiving this game is to noobs, and this is so not a game where I can get anything done by myself. Would like to join a ls or meet some people to play with, It's lonely out there..

    My ingame name is Dainjah, thanks and hope to hear from someone.
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    Re: New&lt;returning&gt;player looking for LS, people to play with.

    If this were about 6 months ago I would have gladly welcomed you into my LS at the time. These days that sell has since dissolved and had its remaining members scattered to the 4 winds.

    If you're not adamantly opposed to ditching youir current character and re-rolling on a new server, I know that Squiggs here on the forum runs (or helps to run?) a LS on Cerberus that operates the same way my old one did. He could give you more details about their current goings-on than I could but let me find you the link to his thread.

    Here you go:
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