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welcome back for me

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  • Mog
    Re: welcome back for me

    There's simply too much to list. FFXI wiki has everything you need to know.

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  • juan20012001
    started a topic welcome back for me

    welcome back for me

    hello all my character name is puk in the game. but i recently returned after a long vacation from the game. but i left after the chains expansion so i have almost all of that except for the subligar quest which i almost acomplished which was a pain btw.

    but i was wondering what is new in the game and i see that the economy looks like it has been fixed slightly i mean scorp harness was almost 5 mil when i left an now its like 200 thou wowza but, what is new with the expansions i am looking for a linkshell that could possibly help me out with the new quest an such, i have a 66 rng 55 war and 44 thf so im looking to lvl rng all the way. but its great to be back but all my old friends have left and im looking to meet new ones. later all.