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  • <Swift Belt> <Do you need it?>

    Hello there everyone!

    New poster here, but my intentions are good! Just want to throw out there, that me, and around 3-4 of my close friends will be trying to get ourselves Swift Belts here in the next couple days. We've been leveling Samurais together, and just got through getting all of us a Soboro great katana, which was a huge success. We were there nearly all day, but along with us, about 7 other people got Soboro's as well, was a very rewarding day.

    We're hoping to do the same with Swift Belt! All who come and want one will hopefully be able to get one. Like I said we're looking to go within the next week for sure, ideally in the next couple days. Right now our group consists of...

    Sam/Drg (Me)
    Whm/Blm (Who can also go as Sam/War)
    War/Nin (Who can also go as Rdm/Whm)

    The five of us are all pretty close friends, although we do sometimes have rather conflicting schedules, which may bring complications in finding a time everyone can get on at the same time. Which is really why I'm trying to find some more people to do this with, incase the people who don't particularly need a Swift Belt out of our little group aren't online, then we can take other people and go and get it done quicker. Also, I want to throw out there now, that I have never fought this NM before, and while farming pop items and hate in order to pop him sounds a tad bit annoying, it all sounds very do-able, and we *should* be able to handle it given we have a couple more bodies.

    That being said, if you'd like to tag along with us, you're more than welcome to. Feel free to respond to this thread, or send me a /tell ingame, i'm Drazhar.

    Hope to hear from some people soon!

    Thanks in advance,