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    I have started a new ls on the Unicorn server. The whole purpose of this ls is to a.) Help out so called "Noobs" learn and become familiar with the FFXI world nad b.) Help out people who feel left out or pushed aside in thier current/old ls's. We currently have a website up for posting want and needs of each ls member. "Noobs" and "Vets" are both welcome. Just send a /tell to me sometime ingame for me to hook you up. Thank you and hope to see you around.

    LL: 1/9....3 days of my life.

    VE: 1/13....1 month of my life.

    Never having to camp NM's alone again....PRICELESS!

    There are somethings gil can buy, for everything else theres "Goodwill".
    Originally posted by Raydeus

    Other than that the only thing I'd like to see is SE changing Homam so RDM can use it, but the chances of that happening are the same as those of me winning the Mog bonanza.