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  • FFXI to FFXIV - Ramuh

    Hello all,

    I created a Facebook page in an effort to keep Ramuh people together who want to migrate to FFXIV with their old community. Once servers are officially announced we will decide on a new "semi-official" server for Ramuh. We have about 58~ members currently, prob more just watching. I'd love to see more Ramuh folk on our page, if you're interested in joining just go to Facebook and search for "FFXI to FFXIV - Ramuh"(can't post links).

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    Re: FFXI to FFXIV - Ramuh

    I believe this is the link:

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      Re: FFXI to FFXIV - Ramuh

      Yes it is, thanks!

      [quote=TheGrandMom;894748]I believe this is the link: