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  • Missing FFXI ; ;

    I havent played ffxi in like 3 weeks.. Totally missing it and missing my mithra.. I am currently on the diabolos server but when i can come bk im moving bk to my home server Ramuh.. I really miss all my friends there.. After i moved from Ramuh i went to Odin... where I met my now fiance... We started an ingame relationship which turned to talking on the phone which than went to him moving 2000 miles to be with me... So its awesome.. But im excited to get bk in the game and lvl up... Right now my main is a lvl 65 rdm which i just love.. I love my rdm gears... Ive already tried maat when i was at lvl 66 didnt go so well.. lol... if i cant do it on rdm than im gonna try on drg which is now lvl 36... and my dnc is lvl 28 or 29... those r my 3 main ones but lvling other jobs here n there. So if u know Neneja and my hume use to be mommasneak jus know im coming bk.. Im actually thinkin of changing my humes name bk to mommasneak..


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    Re: Missing FFXI ; ;

    Wow, alot has happened in real life as a result of FFXI, lol. I used to play quite a while ago... I'm waiting for the stupid updates(Taking 5 and ahalf hours in total) as we speak, lol. Starting again... Anyway, good luck. Maybe see you on Ramuh when I finally make a character.


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      Re: Missing FFXI ; ;

      with all this FFXIV stuff I've been seeing latley I started to miss FFXI. When I come back from vacation mid september I am going to reactivate my old character IDs, last time I played was back in 07 its been a long time. I have a RDM...Ithink, on the ramuh server too!
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