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  • Importers From Ragnarok..

    I was just wondering if any of the original people who imported the game and played on Ragnarok back during the Japanese PC release are still playing or are considering playing FFXIV. I remember being in TheMarsVolta LS at one point and the only reason that stands out in my mind is because I like the band. My character name was Epona.

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    Re: Importers From Ragnarok..

    I'm still playing FFXI. Can't play FFXIV since my PC is too old and I don't have a PS3 in the house.

    Character name in-game is the same as here. (Adoulin install on NA PS2)
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      Re: Importers From Ragnarok..

      If you look on NeoGaff most of the old Ragnarok importers are going to Lindblum

      As such myself and a few others are putting together a linkshell if you are interested. Check the forums (community link on the left) at SoulPirates.NET - A Gaming Community

      Hope to see you online, looking forward to seeing old friends.


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