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watch out for this person...

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    Re: watch out for this person...

    Originally posted by Zoltar View Post
    technically he didn't get what he wanted.
    They all got screwed, they got what they wanted.
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      Re: watch out for this person...

      One word: LOSERS
      Originally posted by Van Wilder
      Worrying is like a rocking chair, gives you something to do, but doesnt get you anywhere
      Originally posted by Taskmage
      No matter how far an ass travels he will never be a horse. Some people are just bad players and no amount of tools you give them will change that.
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        Re: watch out for this person...

        Remembered this from awhile back so I screenshotted it and modified it.
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        Originally posted by Aksannyi
        "Hello! 100+3 Leathercrafting, your materials, 5k! Mention code LTH74 for a special discount!" - they'd get blisted by everyone they sent that to.
        Originally posted by Solymir
        What do you have against Ants? Is iVirus some new Apple product?


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          Re: watch out for this person...

          Closing this. Nothing good comes out of it and there are two sides to every story. For all we know you are slandering the name of a very innocent person.

          Thread closed.
          Originally posted by Feba
          But I mean I do not mind a good looking man so long as I do not have to view his penis.
          Originally posted by Taskmage
          God I hate my periods. You think passing a clot through a vagina is bad? Try it with a penis.
          Originally posted by DakAttack
          ...I'm shitting dicks out of my eyeballs in excitement for the next bestgreating game of all time ever.