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BCNM40 Mandys

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  • BCNM40 Mandys

    Looking to do it either next weekend, or the weekend after.
    The prices of the drops are rocketing. Yesterday survival belt + utsu:ni + erase came to about 1.6 mil. In my experience survival belt and utsu:ni dropped nearly every single time.
    If you're interested please post here. Previous experience would be looked upon favourably. Drops will be handed out as your orb-your drops.

    Looking for:
    NIN/WAR or PLD/WAR - Calin
    RNG/NIN - Mcclane
    WHM/BLM - Rodin
    RDM/WHM - Rodin's friend, can't remember name ;p
    BRD/WHM - Starv
    DRK/WAR - Cecill

    I will go as BRD, I have loads of previous experience with it.

    There's really only 3 ways you can lose; flood, paralyze and brd fucking up D:

    With a NIN, flood isn't a problem because it can be avioded (I don't know any recent patches have changed it so ancient magic can no longer be avoided since they gimped utsu). But with a PLD, it has to be stopped. So this is where DRK can stun and use stun ability along with the PLD. RDM can also sleep it. But none of these are guarantees, I've seen it pull off flood after loads of interuptions.

    The BLM likes to pull off paralyze-ga with quite a big range, we have lost because of this, I was paralyzed as brd and when I needed to sing lullaby at the critical moment, I was paralyzed and died. So we avoided this by moving the brd away from the main group by myself. This means the mages need to stand inbetween the 2 parties in order to be able to heal both. And set parana on macro.

    As far as starting the BCNM goes, Brd gives tank Minne 3+2 and tank buffs up for as much defence as possible. Tank runs in and provokes Dvorovoi and therefore aggroing all the Domovoi's, Brd follows close behind and when the mandys are surrounding the tank, pulls off lullaby(This is the reason why PLD can be preferred, a ninja will take alot of dmg at this point, and also the mandragora having double attack ensures utsu doesn't last long, the mandragora, however dont actually do very much damage by themselves). It is absolutely essential this is pulled off correctly. Once I have slept the all the Mandragora the damage PT will move away from me taking Dvorovoi (quite a distance). BRD will stand in the middle of the Domovoi and wait for them to wake and sleep them. Through experience it makes things alot easier for the BRD if the BRD doesn't move, so in turn the Domovoi don't move either (they tend to move all over the place because there are so many and regularly move out of lullaby range). So if the mages needs ballad, they need to come to me. Once the Dvorovoi dies, the NIN choses a Domovoi to take, wakes it up and provokes it AFTER it has woken. Really, once the BLM is dead, you have won.

    WHM needs as much MP as possible and yagudo drinks (probably won't need them) along with RDM. Tank needs defence food and DD's need damage food as accuracy isn't a problem. Whm also needs to concentrate on BRD HP and time when the domovoi are going to wake up and smack me around. I have won this before when the tank has died, but if the BRD dies you have no chance at all. When the Dvorovoi is dead, the RDM converts and WHM rests. Mages can rest for as long as they want as I can just keep sleeping the Domovoi, hence why you can't really lose.

    If you see any probs with this strat please tell me, this was a bit rushed because I'm at work. This is how we used to do it, it has been a while since then and I have looked at websites to see if there have been any changes, I couldn't find any so forgive me if anything has changed.
    Starv - Ragnarok, Mithra - Thf75 Mnk75 Blu75 War70 Brd57 Nin56 Sam 27 Whm 27. Loads 20+
    Eternal Calm

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    I'll do one with you. I'm a WHM/BLM, but I can also sub SMN.
    Send me a /tell ingame. I also have a friend that might be able to do it with us. He's a RDM/BLM or WHM. Name's Rodin. I'll be leveling BRD soon, so I'll need some cash. I've only ever died once doing this BCNM. And that's when we did it on earthsday, and the Mandies were resisting the Lullaby.

    Also, the way I do it, is BRD runs in, aggros everything. The BRD will then do a lullaby, and the NIN will then voke the Drorovi. It saves shadows and MP because the NIN can tank more effectively.
    Rodin - Ragnarok Server (Out of Retirement)
    90BRD 90SMN 90WHM 75BLM 75RDM 61BST 50RNG 37NIN 37THF

    Goal: All jobs max level and capped merits.


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      <--thf pld mnk w/ all useful subs
      Calin - Ragnarok


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        Wow, you didn't hang around levelling PLD.
        I think Mcclane wants to go as RNG, but dunno yet.
        /sells sniper ring for monster signa D:
        Starv - Ragnarok, Mithra - Thf75 Mnk75 Blu75 War70 Brd57 Nin56 Sam 27 Whm 27. Loads 20+
        Eternal Calm


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          Mcclane is in
          Starv - Ragnarok, Mithra - Thf75 Mnk75 Blu75 War70 Brd57 Nin56 Sam 27 Whm 27. Loads 20+
          Eternal Calm


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            I've decided on Friday at around about 8-9GMT
            If any of you can't make it plz tell me and I'll work around it or change to another day on the weekend
            Starv - Ragnarok, Mithra - Thf75 Mnk75 Blu75 War70 Brd57 Nin56 Sam 27 Whm 27. Loads 20+
            Eternal Calm


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              My apologies, I couldn't come online this weekend cus of this:

              Couldn't resolve so I've had to re-format and I'm re-installing FFXI as I type this but I won't have enough time to actually do the BCNM.
              Starv - Ragnarok, Mithra - Thf75 Mnk75 Blu75 War70 Brd57 Nin56 Sam 27 Whm 27. Loads 20+
              Eternal Calm