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    Tired of roaming the wilderness alone, but don't want to sit in Whitegate waiting for something to do?

    FFXI has always needed a world chat channel. We're trying to create one using a Linkshell called WorldChannelOne. If the population of the linkshell becomes too high, a WorldChannelTwo will be created, etc. etc.

    Everyone who joins is automatically given a pearlsack, so you can distribute pearls freely and generously. While the real intention is not so much a social linkshell, I'm sure that will happen inevitably. However we hope the shell brings the community together and helps folks find the groups or help they are looking for - without having to sit in Whitegate.

    You can send Rujinda or Bikini a /tell for a pearl, or anyone you see with the linkshell equiped. Maybe I'll see you all there. 8)