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  • Dynamis LS Looking for members

    Hello My name is Massaranger i run Yamato a dynamis linkshell from midgardsormr that has moved over with the merge. We are currently looking for people new and old to dynamis. We do all zones including cop with a fair cycle on zones meaning cities are not the main focus. We will prolly do a city cycle to get new people going.

    We do runs wed and sun
    830pm pacific
    1130pm east coast
    1230 pm thursday and monday jp time and
    330am thursday and monday uk time.

    If interested please /tell massaranger in game you can add me to friends list if i dont respond as well
    TERA - Dark.Anubis 70 High Elf Preist - RETIRED
    WOW Ihornedyourmom 85 Tauren Paladin - RETIRED
    FFXIV - Sergei Volkov - RETIRED
    FFXI - Massaranger, Daytimes and Sunghee - RETIRED