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    Boy these server fourms seem to be empty. Since the worlds are merging and I'm from Midgard I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm about 70% sure I can keep my name so here goes:

    I'm Shadowneko and I mostly play THF and summoner(plus I've been playing since the NA beta). You might see me playing subs again since the level cap goes up to 99 in a few months time.

    Feel free to introduce yourself(coming from midgard or otherwise)..I have to start my rep all over again and I thought it would be nice to meet players from my new home...
    Shadowneko's FFXI Newbie Guide 2009
    (have fun MMO players ^^)
    Jon Davies AKA: Shadowneko of Midradsomr...soon to be transferred to Quetzalcoatl

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    Re: server mergers

    Quetzalcoatl is actually the only server I know of with active forums: Final Fantasy XI/XIV Quetzalcoatl Daily News

    Yeah, I'm going to be merging in from Midgardsormr as well.
    Server: Midgardsormr -> Quetzalcoatl -> Valefor
    Occupation: Reckless Red Mage
    Name: Drjones
    Blog: Mediocre Mage