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Static: WHM/SMN57ish Needed

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  • Static: WHM/SMN57ish Needed

    Hello! ^^

    I've been putting together a static and so far have gotten 5/6 people. Surprisingly enough we cannot find a WHM or SMN (one who doesn't mind healing occasionally - see party layout first).

    So far we have (5/6):

    THIEF = Skiewalker (57)
    DRAGOON = Pinkubara (57)
    PALADIN = Phaeacia (56)
    RED MAGE = Ariadne (54, but leveling up to 57 this week)
    DARK KNIGHT = Mystafa (54, but leveling up to 57 this week)

    So check it out. We'll be staticing EST from 8:30 until midnight or 1am, depending on how tired we are. The days are every Wednesday and Thursday.

    And we'll start as soon as you're ready! We're all ready to jump to 60, then three of us have to get G3. So if you need G3, too, don't worry about it. We're all very easy going and decent people. We're all decked out with nearly the best equipment for our jobs and have most, if not all, of our AF. We also want to have a lot of fun leveling up our main jobs rather than looking for party for hours on end.

    So if you're interested, please send me a /tell in game (at nights is usually when I am on) or PM/e-mail me. I'll get back to you as promptly as I can! ^_~ Take care! Hope to see you soon!!