I read the topic about progressing solo, so started this quest (level 38 WHM) as I decided it was past time for the Airship Pass. As seems inevitable lately I "died" in Davoi. Getting jumped by three "Easy Prey" Orcs when Sneak/Invisible wore off at the worst time.

If I'd have thought I would have made a run for the Wall of the Dark Arts to see if I could get through before dying. Isn't hindsight wonderful...

If anyone is likely to be in Davoi within the next few days with a high level WHM a Raise would be appreciated as I'd rather not repeat this part of the Quest with its inherent dangers. If you do a /tell Karisa (my Lvl 13 WHM mule) I may be on as her.

On a 360 I have found going to the Dashboard when you die stops the timer. Useful if help is not readily available.

Unfortunately I didn't make it clear enough to the Lvl 75 WHM from my LS who was in Davoi earlier. He was after an NM and was back in Jeuno before I realised.