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Returning to Phoenix after a long hiatus

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  • Returning to Phoenix after a long hiatus

    Hi all!

    I've been gone since October 2006 and managed to recover my old character, Juggalo. She is a Mithra with BLM at 75 and all other mage jobs at 37-40.

    I also have THF at 55, my next highest level, with WAR and NIN both properly subbed. Seems in the past two days since my return, I spent in my mog house in Whitegate with my flag up with no invites

    But beyond that, my old Linkshell is gone and I am all alone again!

    I am very much interested in completing the previous expansions' missions. For the record, I am on CoP 8-3, Zilart 16 (whatever the last mission is), and ToAU 15 (The Black Coffin, a fight vs Fomors).

    I can also do Sky and Limbus runs. I'm interested in Assault, although I'm not sure what Rank I am or how to find out. I don't have WotG (yet) and am mostly looking to either continue to level my THF or complete the above missions if possible.

    I hope there's a linkshell out there that can help me with this! While I certainly don't mind a social LS, I'd very much prefer one that can help me with my goals, and one whom I can help achieve theirs.

    Hope to hear from someone!
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