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  • New Dynamis Linkshell

    Yeah, yeah, I know. Another Dynamis Linkshell. Why create another new one when there are 50 zillion others out there? Why not just join an existing one rather than competing for run times? Why start from scratch with recruiting members?

    I'll tell you why.

    Because the existing Dynamis Shells don't do what I want them to do. We all have the lower cities cleared, but we're constantly having to go back to get the clear for new member recruited each month. In addition, people constantly want to go back and get Relic Armor from the lower cities, or ancient currency to upgrade their Relic Weapons. Not I.

    I want my darn Northlands Armor. I want to do more Northlands runs. The Relic Armor drops are too few and far in between to do them only once or twice a month. If I really want these pieces, not just for me but for everyone in my linkshell, and I don't want to wait until eternity to get them, we need to do them more.

    Thus Yellow Snow LS, for when the cities piss you off.

    This is solely a Northlands Linkshell with few rare exceptions. And we will be solely going to Relic Armor, not the clear. The purpose of the linkshell is to get people their Northlands Relic Armor, not stage 5 relic weapons, not city Relics, just Northlands Relic Armor. We will be doing Glacier and Xarca runs 3-4 times a month each.

    Run times: Mondays 8:30pm, Thursdays 9:00pm

    Come check out our LS rules at

    (Please note: we choose Mon/Thurs to prevent scheduling conflicts with existing shells, and to avoid weekend nights. This is based upon the DynamisBums calendar. If there are any existing LSs with these dates, please let me know and post on DB calendar so we can avoid conflicts.)

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    Re: New Dynamis Linkshell

    Bumping b/c we had our first run on Monday, and it was a success. We are still recruiting. Check out our website.