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Anyone got Choco cards?

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  • Anyone got Choco cards?

    Could have posted to the Chocobo subforum but thought it best to post here as I need to find folks on Phoenix who're sellin Chococards. reasonable rates that is.. There's a few idiots who seem to think that 99,999,999 gil is a good price and they don't even have anywhere what the stats are on their birds.

    Point is My JadeMirage will be nearing retirment in the not so distant future and If his stats don't get any better I might just see about getting a couple of choco cards and just get those to breed.

    Rare colors preferable but good stats are more important.

    JadeMirage is currently..

    Str = Bit Deficent
    End = Substandard

    Res/Dis = Poor

    Typical yellow Choco.

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    Re: Anyone got Choco cards?

    I can get you a chococard. He is a black chocobo.

    str = substandard
    end = bit deficent
    other 2 poor

    If you are still interested look me up in the game. Halareil or Shallya
    Halareil / Shallya
    PLD 66, WAR 51 / WHM 41, BLM 23