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Getting more people here ...

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  • Getting more people here ...

    This forum is essentially dead, and I think it would be cool if we could get some more people to post here. This would require two things as far as I can tell.

    1 - get people on our server aware of the site. I don't see that many people who have Phoenix listed in their Info. Now I don't want people making macros shouting the web adress, but there are more subtle ways to do this. First would be to add the site to your web adress, something like "Please join us at" The site isn't that difficult to remember, so that shouldn't be a problem. If we have any linkshell leaders here, they could put the website in the linkshell message box which you get when you first put it on. Make references to the site when you're playing, stuf like that.

    If there are any more suggestions of how to do this, it would be appreciated.

    2 - We need to get people once they visit the site, to actually click on this forum. So what we need to do is to give them a reason to visit here. The best method I can think of is to have some competitions. With a $500 entrance fee, the pot could easily break $10,000, then if it gets high enough, we could have 2nd and 3rd as well.

    We could have chococbo races from say Ronfaure to Bastok. Obviously we'd need to protect against cheating, but this can be done, if we can get enough judges, who could also be paid.

    Something else that would be cool is to make a scavengar hunt, where in every linkshell is a team. The problem with this is that you seem to get different drops at different levels. Like my lvl 30 warrior won't get any copper ores from the super weak worms any more, but I'll get them from the ones in qufim. I think a no AH rule would be good. This would be more difficult to protect from cheating though.

    Post your thougths here. My mai goal is to create a community here. My last online game had a wonderful group of people, and I ended up not playing another game for like 7 months. Any assistance you provide will be greatly appreciated

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    I'm on the Phoenix server. Just started playing a week ago.


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      Some of your suggestions sound intriguing. I have been telling some people about this site. I wish we had more of a following. If you ever do organize another event, let me know.
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        Our server simply isn't that crowded.

        I like to think anyway. Some of your idea's are interesting.

        I've always wanted to hold a fair. Have small chocobo races and other things. We could do a scavenger hunt where people had to find other people within the server. It wouldn't be that hard o.o;
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