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Pheonix citizens

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  • Pheonix citizens

    Let's get this forum going guys!

    Alexio - Hume - Male - Dragoon
    Mellia - Hume - Female - Ranger
    Sabre - Galka - Warrior
    Ryuujin - Hume - Male - Red Mage
    Ryoma - Hume - Male - Warrior
    Rezon - Hume - Male - Warrior
    Leri - Hume - Female - White mage

    Midknightt - Taru Taru - Male - Black mage
    Kronos - Hume - Male - Bard
    Nyanya - Mithra - Thief
    Yudistra - Mithra - Thief

    San d'Oria
    Negorath - Elvaan - Male - Warrior
    Caine - Elvaan - Male - Warrior
    Seydlitz - Elvaan - Male - Warrior

    If you wan't to be added please post below, telling a bit about yourself if you wan't, and race and job
    "We grab swords to protect small wounds that had been buried deep in old memories."
    - Old saying

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    Windurst - Midknightt - Male - Taru - Back mage
    "curiouser and curioser"


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      Kronos - Hume - Male - ((Always Chaging but for now...)) Bard
      Sorcerer's Gloves: O (Windurst)
      Sorcerer's Sabots: O (Jeuno)
      Sorcerer's Tonban: O (Bastok)
      3/5 peices of AF2!


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        check the other thread (the one with 30 or so replies that i started). it does the same thing you want. if you want to make a catalog, look at that. don't make everyone retype their information
        Ashmaker Gotblut - 0/34
        Orcish Barricader - 1/14
        Orcish Wallbreacher - 0/12
        Hundredscar Hajwaj - 0/3
        Thousandarm Deshglesh - 1/4
        Valkrum Emperor - 1/8
        Leaping Lizzy - 1/7
        Spook: 5/15
        Crypt Ghost: 2/10


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          I'm in Bastok. Galka - WAR (going to be DRK)
          Sabre - 75 DRK - 37 WAR - 45 THF - 62 RNG
          Rank - 10

          Leaping Lizzy - 12/90+
          Valkurm Emperor - 1/2
          Stroper Chymes - 2/? (not NM, but still)


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            somebody actually posts here? :p
            Ryuujin-Hume-Male-now Samurai-Bastok
            Ryuujin - Hume (account hacked thus deleted)
            l RDM-29 l WAR-16 l MNK-2 l BLM-2 l SAM-31 l BST-2 l RNG-1 l WHM-2 l THF-1 l SMN-7 l


            Ryuujin - Elvann (deleted)
            l WAR-30 l THF-15 l WHM-1 l RDM-1 l BLM-1 l MNK-1 l SAM-36 l BST-1 l RNG-1 l NIN-1 l DRK-1 l PLD-1 l


            lWAR-18 l THF-1 l WHM-8 l RDM-1 l BLM-5 l MNK-9 l


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              guess ill add mine o.o
              Mellia Female hume ranger/nin bastok
              Mellia- 75Rng, 45 Rdm, 40 Nin, 33 Blm, 33 Whm, 26 thf
              Rank 10 Sandy


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                cout me in

                Count me in!
                Alexio-Hume-Male-Dragoon lvl14(or redmage lvl30)-BASTOK
                "If a person asked me how I was, I would reply by Ripping their heart out, if someone told me to feel the wrath of death itself, I would embrace them as I would my father"


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                  Hey there, Mellia. lol

                  I'm Knives, a Hume Male from Windurst. I'm more of a casual player. I tend to go on whenever possible, but I don't really party all that much. I've been playing for nearly a year now and am still only a level 55 Thief. Yeah, it sounds sad, but I don't mind. I enjoy talking with my friends, and that's what matters. I make the most out of my time, and even if I'm a slow player, it's nice to adventure and stray from the norm of things.

                  Of course, one reason I don't party much is because of a lot of bad luck concerning my connection to PlayOnline, which I'm currently trying to remedy. It's been five months, and I've only gained 10 levels... After a while, it starts to get to me.

                  I guess that's about it. Don't be afraid to drop a line. These days, I haven't been as talkative lately due to not quite having a constant LS, and I believe it's a lot easier to talk on linkshells. Well, enough about that, I guess.


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                    Re: Pheonix citizens

                    lithia - hume - female - ranger


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                      Re: Pheonix citizens

                      Windurst - Volkai - Hume - Male - Blue Mage
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                        Re: Pheonix citizens



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                          Re: Pheonix citizens

                          San d'Oria - Elvaan - Male - Warrior - Monk


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                            Re: Pheonix citizens

                            Bastok - Mithra - Ruphio


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                              Re: Pheonix citizens

                              Pieron Hume -female mnk