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Limbus Recruitment - Lakshmi (THUR/SUN) 830 EST

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  • Limbus Recruitment - Lakshmi (THUR/SUN) 830 EST

    The Ultimates Limbus group is announcing that we need new members.

    We meet around 830pm Eastern on Thursdays and Sundays.

    We are relatively successful and been around for the last year and a half. And previously have beaten the Proto-Omega and Proto-Ultima

    We need a few more Paladin or Ninja to help out.

    If you want to win the upcoming BLU, COR, PUP upgrades. Get a head start and check us out.

    Thanks to Square, Limbus will be cheaper so it will not drain your pocketbook as much.

    Check us out at The Ultimates • Index page
    Thom @ Lakshmi server -> 70WHM/75PLD/75SMN
    Shall Shell / The Ultimates / FatesHand All Right!