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Dissillusioned 20ish THF seeking pt..

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  • Dissillusioned 20ish THF seeking pt..

    Why do people hate thf's? I really am curious. Its just that i cant get a PT for the life of me, someone has to REALLY like me for me to get into any sort of party post lvl 20 it seems; often times those people that do know me and may even tolerate/like me as a person are already grouped or offline. And i cant meet new people since... well, i cant get into friggin pick up parties. (Btw, im a lvl 23thf/10mnk mithra that goes by the name of Galatea.)

    Are we that undesirable? Heck, i even tried different combinations of subs to perhaps increase my usefullness to a party be it /war for secondary provokes /whm for the whole 3 or 4 heals and so on. Yet it all boils down to my butt still running around with the seek flag up while parties with room decide to wait it out for that second WAR or even a 3rd mage. I dont recall thf's in beta putting up with this much neglect Earlier today i was invited to join a quifm pt, then not even 5 minutes pass that 'i kindly get asked to leave' since their ls buddy MNK decided he wanted to join. I got kicked out for a 2ND friggin monk ..without a sub... how lame is that? I dont even want to get started on what happens when i try to form a party Are we relegated to relying solely on those few friends/aquaintances that loved us during ghoul hunts? I dont wanna resort to having to make a mage, have done so for 46 lvls in beta as a rdm/whm.
    If only i knew Japanese...then maybe i can get rejected in another language as well. There is a slight bright side to not getting invites, i did manage to raise 45k gil in addition to 2 lvls (lvl22and 23) soloing/farming easies but that not nearly as much fun as being in a pt.

    I'm still not sure what my intentions with this post are, i didnt want it to be a rant, but i guess it is ... maybe im looking to meet peeps offline since im not often even given the chance ingame... so to close my 1st post in these boards ... if you can appreciate a THF as a pt member dont hesitate to send me a /tell.

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    I would say thf is really an important job later on in PT. Without them we cant chain faster ><;. And why do you think people hate thiefs? we love them, happy that they exist to make leveling easier. (but I hate them for taking away my tresure chest w). Anyway keep leveling up, thief is really a good job. Nobody can say otherwise, at least at higher levels


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      Get to 30. In my opinion thief is the most popular job while making PTs, except for maybe very small level ranges. Hate control + really high renkei damage is indispensible.
      Still trying to play way too much...
      60 BRD, 75 BST, 37 WHM, 15 THF, 16 BLM
      BCNM40 over 100 wins ><
      BCNM60 |] 3-0-1 [|

      Pallas - 2/16 (Solo'd at LVL 64)
      Alksomething - 0/8


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        The english just haven't figured out how much theives pwn yet Especially after they hit 30 and can set hate... I haven't been in a PT without a thief past 30.


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          ....ok, this is an update on my current situation... am now 32thf/16nin, grouping has been much easier now and have made enough contacts to have some options when i dont find a group right away.... i must say i am liking life post 30 [more so than before atleast] I still have my share of difficulties and head aches, but not as lonely anymore I guess my beef is now with pick-up parties...for some reason it seems that many tanks like to run circles around whatever we're killing thus effectively denying me the oportunity to sneak+trick or sneak+trick+ws, i hate having to tell the secondary tank and even primary when they lose aggro to stop doing olympic laps around the mob EVERY DAMN FIGHT... as if they didnt want me to give them aggro back, or dont want 300+ extra dmg. Anyway, im just glad i have learned my role in a pt and take comfort in knowing im no longer excess baggage... and the few replies my original post got were motivational enough for me to stick with THF which i love