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    Ok hi all,

    I just want to say that I made a journal in the journal section and whoever want their character name or anything erased please do send me a PM. I dont want to embarass anyone. And feel free to read it :p. Ok thats all, see you all in the game

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    Feel free to use my name as long as you preface it wih the title "The Magnificent" "The Wonderful" or "The Amazing" each time you use it; also be sure to send 5 cents to my publicity agency for the use of my name each time you use it. Lastly, please post a link so I can find it
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      Post anything you want with me in it... just please, please, post in my jounal. No one likes me („D?M


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        Juli, what is your name on the Journals section. I didn't see any listed for Lucy???
        Macc 75WHM


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          that was a pretty nice journal, the picture quality was kept very high and the narration was done pretty well, here's the link in case other people can't find it:

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            Hi again

            thank you Tetto for pointing the link ...I was just going to do it but you have done it for me^^. Watch out guys I may take screenshot of everyone and desribe about it . Anyway have fun^^

            Example --> Title |Linkshell Special Edition|

            Here I will post screenshots for every LS member that I can get hold on along with the description.

            This is our LS leader....Xero, he is...bla bla.....and likes to bla bla..
            His worst enemy...bla bla...and is famous for bla bla......and so on so on ^^ ....

            attach: Xero pics

            I think that would be nice If I can get everyone in ^^.
            p/s Please give me a tell if you dont like it I will remove you from the list (dont worry I'm not going to make any embarassing descriptions :spin: )


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              Wow! I've never read any Journals before but that is really nice!

              I love your pictures...


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                Nice journal! I'm glad that i'm in it I miss this game as well as the linkshell...


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                  I like your journal. Keep up the good work.
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