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  • This Is A Call!!

    Hey there - any UK gamers on Lakshmi? I have just come over (thanks to Etra!) and I am trying to find my feet - problem is the time difference is quite large betw uk and us/jp as you can imagine, so I would love to hook up with some uk members if there are any around! PM me or post here!!

    Alternatively, if anyone feels they will be playing early/mid afternoon EST (my evenings!) then please get in touch if you can put up with a noob hanging around!

    I am currently in Windhurst but totally undecided on job type - currently a rdm, but experimenting! Would be perfectly happy to start out somewhere else tho!!

    thanks in advance guys!!

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    Sinz currently plays from the UK area (lvl 42 paladin). We have people from all over the world in the LS so odds are you will find someone on. There have been less people on lately though mainly to stuff like school and college classes.
    Still trying to play way too much...
    60 BRD, 75 BST, 37 WHM, 15 THF, 16 BLM
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      yes, even at somewhat odd hours of the day there will be at least a half dozen linkshell members online with Fallen Angels, its nice to have a community available at all times

      unfortunately I'm one of those people that are no longer playing very often because of college classes, besides, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced just came out today, I might find myself playing that instead of FFXI

      while I'm not going to be playing nearly as much as I was during the summer, that'll probably change with the NA release and the flood of new players that will bring

      at that time I'll probably start yet another character :p
      Lakshmi - Tetto - Mithra Female - RDM73 - MNK49 - BLM38 - WAR35 - BST42 - Rng 32 - THF29 - PLD27 - WHM25 - NIN19 - SAM19 - San d'Oria - Rank 10


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        I also have not been on nearly as much as I want. I'll be back like a flood as well though when the US vers is released....
        Then I will PWN you all and you can call me daddy again
        Macc 75WHM


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          C'mon Whedge, you better hurry up. I'm a total noob and I've almost passed you up