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M4-1 Saturday 9am est

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  • M4-1 Saturday 9am est

    anyone who is rank 4 and has the prepwork completed for mission 4-1 is welcome to attend (prepwork includes getting all the blue items, such as talking to aldo etc). Meet in beadeaux at 9am. Post any questions/comments here... thanks
    Still trying to play way too much...
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    I guess I will be attending this little outing to collect the Magicites, though my Rdm is still at level 28

    people are going to think I have a higher level job or something if I get Rank 5 at this level :p

    ffxionline's guide doesn't seem to be complete in some respects, so I think I'll look around and find a more definitive guide

    this guide seems to be better in some parts, printing both and working form them should provide enough info

    start cut-and-paste guide:




    The stop the Shadow Lord from resurfacing onto Vana Diel, you are tasked to take back the 3 Magicites hidden deep within the 3 main Arcana Headquarters: Davoi, Beaudeux and Oztroja.

    After getting the mission from your embassy in Jeuno, you?fll get a Audience Pass to see the Duke of Jeuno. From here, you can begin on your mission. There is no fixed route and you can choose where to get the magicite first.

    The Davoi Magicite is probably the fastest and easiest to get.
    First of all, you will need a crest to get inside the hidden room in Davoi. Talk to Baudin boy standing outside a house in Upper Jeuno. He request from you a Coeurl Meat in exchange for the Davoi Crest. Coeurl Meat can be obtained from the Coeurls in Sauromugue and Meriphataud.

    After getting the Crest, go to Davoi and head to a small room at G7. There you will find the Wall of Dark Arts. Be careful of tough Orcs guarding the Magic Force Field. It is possible to dash ahead and ignore the orcs to enter the place quickly.

    Using the crest, pass throught he Wall to enter the Monastic Cave where the Magicite is kept.

    This is probably the most troublesome spot to handle because of a lot of time-consuming preparation work before actually getting the magicite.

    Firstly, if you haven?ft already, you need to clear the Aldo Tensyodo Quest to enter the Tensyodo HQ for a meeting with Aldo. Go to Lower Jeuno?fs Neptune Spire Inn and alk to the owner. Scroll down the option and place your cursor on a seemingly empty option. That grants you the quest. Go to Bastok Port Warehouse where the Tensyodo branch is (people wearing red armor) and take an Application Form from them. Return to Neptune Spire and the quest is cleared.

    Talk to Aldo and he?fll give you a Silver Bell.
    Talk to the tarutaru in the Tensyodo shop and he?fll ask for 2 items in exchange for the keys to Beaudeux?fs Magicite: Quadav Talisman (クゥダフの呪符) & Quadav Fortune Shell (クゥダフのト??b).

    Go to Beaudeux to search for the 2 items. These 2 items are 100% drops from the 2 named Quadavs there. But they only drop one at a time, and the fact that the Quadavs respawn only once every 15minutes, so it?fll take time for a pary of 6 to each get the 2 items.

    Quadav Talisman: From De Vyu Headhunter. Interior of Beaudeux Co-ord I-9 or I-10.
    Quadav Fortune Shell: From Go Bhu Gascon. At the second floor near entrance F-7. Attract it down to the first floor using magic.

    With these 2 items, go back to Jeuno and exchange them with the tarutaru to get the Fairy Beads (妖光の?博) and the Black Matches (漆?浮フマチネ?[). Return once again back to Beadeux. Go to the east side where there is a cave down to the basement and head eastwards to Qulun Dome where the magicite is kept.

    PS: While heading inside for the Quadav Talisman, you?fll come across a machine called an ?gAfflictor?h. If you are close to it for some time you will get cursed, which will make it difficult for you to venture on without fighting. Usually before you get cursed, you?fll get a message telling you that you feel uncomfortable approaching it. At this time, backtrack a bit to look for another machine called ?gThe Mute?h. It casts silence on anyone using it. One way to overcome being cursed is to Silence youself on The Mute and walk past the Afflictor with ease. But you won?ft be able to cast any spells so be very cautious on your HP.

    Oztroja has the most difficult monsters to deal with compared to the other two. I personally went in with a 18-member alliance and still we were almost wiped out by the linking of Yagudo Conquistadors and Zealots.

    Find the galkan and taru children watering plants at upper Jeuno ( beside the Armor shop) and talk to the tarutaru kid. An event will occur. Thereafter, go to the Bluffnix Junkshop in Lower Jeuno and talk to Muck the Goblin. It will pass you the Yagudo Torch (ヤグ?[ドの?シ明).

    Head on to Oztroja Castle in the east end of Meriphataud. Go to the western end of the first storey where there is a door with two handles. Pulling the wrong handle will open up a floor hatch and you?fll fall down to the basement. It?fll take up more time finding your way back to the door. I personally forgot which handle to pull but pulling both will somehow open the door in the end.

    Go to the second floor of the castle and head to H9 where you can see a path disappearing into somewhere unlabelled. That?fll be the destination. You?fll know you are on the right track when you are prompted to use the Yagudo Torch to light up a Torch Stand.

    Once all three Magicites are retrieved, report back to the Duke of Jeuno. As your reward, he?fll grant you the elusive Airship Pass.

    Report back to your embassy and talk to the ambassador for your promotion to Rank 5 and 10000gil reward.
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