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Looking for LS on Fenrir

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  • Looking for LS on Fenrir

    As a new player on FFXI, I find myself in search of a possible LS to join on Fenrir. I know I should be posting on the server forum, and I have. But server forums seem rather dead, and I'm hoping to seek some help here.

    I'm just looking for a LS that is able to help with answering some questions, showing me the ropes, and point me in the right direction. Would really appreciate any help available. Thanks.


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    Re: Looking for LS on Fenrir

    Please post in the server forum if it's related to server discussion. %99 of the regulars use the new posts button to browse, not the actual forums themselves. The server forums are dead because we do very little discussion like this; but they should still be used when appropriate.

    Anyway, I have a couple friends from an old LS, I could pass your name along to the shellholder. They can be hard to put up with, but they're mostly good guys at heart, and they're very helpful. Just post your character's name.


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      Re: Looking for LS on Fenrir

      Thank you so much, my character name would be Wixi.

      I made a post on the server forum prior to making the on here. It just didn't seem like there was traffic there.

      Thank you again for the reply