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    Hey Fenrir

    I just made my fist FFXI hume warrior (i think SanD was the town i picked?) on Fenrir. I have a decent MMO background ranging from various free MMO's to WoW and EQ. Warcraft was never really a challenge and i remember watching my big brother play this back in the day and decided to give it a try.

    At first i was hesitant joining a new MMO that has been around for so long but some RL friends reassured me that FFXI has the best community.

    Because it's my first character, i was wonding if someone could throw me a linkshell or maybe a /tell sometime. Im not looking for free handouts, gil, or gear, just someone to answer all my newbie questions (like where to start farming >:O).

    I look forward to starting my adventures with you all!!!


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    Re: First toon in ffxi

    New Player Resources & Discussion

    That would probably be the best place to start. I don't play on Fenrir so I can't help personally. If you go to the help desk in game, I think, you can do a mentor search for help. Mentors are players who have volunteered to be of assistance. You'll know them by the little "M" symbol next to their name in game. ^^`

    Otherwise, find a gate guard, grab Signet, and go lvl. Signet helps your fighting abilities, as well as allows crystals to drop, which you can sell at the Auction House for starter cash. Do quests, kill mobs, sell spoils, rinse and repeat. ^^


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      Re: First toon in ffxi

      Welcome to Fenrir. Send me a message sometime.
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        Re: First toon in ffxi

        Welcome to the server. Feel free to poke me with questions if you catch me online.

        If you're in San d'Oria, farm whatever you find until you can kill orcs, goblins, sheep and mushrooms reliably. Once you've built enough cash to buy some dark crystals, Windurstian Tea Leaves, and distilled water, you can turn sheepskins into sheep leather. Crystals are probably going to be a large portion of your income for now. Also, watch the AH for Black Tiger Fangs. Single ones often sell for less than 700, and you can turn 3 at a time in to Taumila (sp?) in southern Sandy for 2100g and raise your fame while you're at it.
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