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it's almost here!! XD

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    Re: it's almost here!! XD

    Originally posted by eriatarka
    hell yeah ddr ftw ^O^
    *high five*


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      Re: it's almost here!! XD

      Well got me gran coming over, but she'll be aslep alot of teh time so i'll be escaping to friends houses or locking myself in my office for a FFXi session, just showing my face for meals etc. Bros gone to spain and the rest of my family live 1000 miles apart so hey, just anotehr quiet one where I mainly do my own thing.


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        Re: it's almost here!! XD

        The following is my schedule for the next couple much food.

        Dec. 23rd - Dinner at g/f Mom's
        Dec. 24th - Dinner at Sister's/ g/f leaves until the 29th
        Dec. 25th - Dinner at Mom's
        Dec. 26th - Dinner at Friends
        We will fight, we will be strong
        Together we're marching on
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        Our finest hour has just begun


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          Re: it's almost here!! XD

          everyone whos posted on this has really big colorful sigs....
          thank u.

          i know what i want for xmas now!!!

          some cool t shirts:

          "I sell gil"
          "DRG LFP"
          "JP ONRY"
          "I live in aux-work" <- work related cause one person does NOTHING at work and he sits on this so he gets no calls.
          RDM75 THF75 BRD47
          WHM50 BLM37 NIN37
          DRK26 RNG37

          Sky: O Sea: O ToAU: O
          Tier 1 Assault -.-;

          Having Fun: X (Only when in Limbus as THF)


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            Re: it's almost here!! XD

            I want peace on Earth, a nerf on planet-sized sigs, Vanguard to be released soon, and... stuff.

            Building myself up to a tedious Christmas day of meeting family and feigning interest as they tell me about their lives when I'll really be thinking about FFXI and sprouts.


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              Re: it's almost here!! XD

              I would like to finally get to spend time with my father. Hopefully the football games dont suck on Sunday, and the biggest present I want is for my New England Patriots to win another superbowl!

              P.S. RIP James Dungy =(

              Just Be.


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                Re: it's almost here!! XD

                I would like to finally get to spend time with my father.
                That's a very nice sentiment. I'm probably the complete opposite. My dad will be lucky to receieve a phone call on Christmas unless I'm bored. We've had our differences...

                I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday full of much family fun/gaming/whatever it is you want to do ^^
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