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Lvl 52+ leathercraft on fenrir needed

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  • Lvl 52+ leathercraft on fenrir needed

    I've been trying to get a Raptor Mantle for Mog expansion 3, but there has not been one for sale on any of the AH's since july 4. i've tried contacting the people that sold multiple ones thinking they might be crafters. Most of them are JP and respond with "I don't understand English". I've tried using the auto-translatore to get my question across but so far no success. They sell on AH for roughly 2.5k and recipe is pretty simple. I just need someone to make or if someone has one to sell, let me know. send a tell to Methos. We can come to an agreement on payment for services. thx
    Drk 70/ Rdm 30 / Sam 30 / Thf 34 / War 32 / Ninja 20 / Summoner 20
    Bastok 7-2
    Sky Access
    Lufaise Meadows Access