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    Quick background, I'm a English player on Fenrir who with the exception of one other friend in the game knows no other Euros on the server. We're both in a LS which carried over with some EQ friends and the majority of the twenty strong LS has either quit the game or moved on to another LS or server. Consequently the remaining members in our LS log on sparsely and at Euro unfriendly hours, ie 4am in the morning.

    Crux of my post is this, is there an Euro linkshell or at least an US LS that is active at a reasonable time. I log on generally between 18.00-00.00 GMT which equates to 13.00-19.00 EST and 10.00-16.00 PST. If there aren't any linkshells that fall into this category then I'd be interested in knowing how many people on Fenrir fall under that playing window who are currently without a linkshell and are stuck in the same unsocial playing times as me. Despite the few gripes I have with the game I'd like to continue playing it but if I keep logging on only to find myself in my linkshell or no English speaking players my level range on in my playing times I question why I still log in. Weekends are worst because from 10.00 GMT the server is peopled by JP's going to bed or the odd NA who can't sleep. I can literally go from 10.00-18.00 without a single party and doing rank missions in Bastok, Sandy etc wears very thin after a while. If things don't look up soon I'll just have to walk away from the game because I don't intend to sit up till 1am in order to start putting a party together to go and do Genkai 1 or to watch my playing window tick away while I wait for the NA's to get out of bed and start getting xp group invites. I'd also point out I try to put groups together but when all you have to choose from is 99% JP ONLY and the odd random 31THF/2WHM you start to twitch.

    *edit* Posting this in general as well because I don't believe anyone reads this section anymore. Surprise me... :p

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    There must be more than two sodding Euros on Fenrir...


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      i'm a UK fenrir player too...but i haven't had any of the troubles that you are experiencing. I know afew other UK players on fenrir too, so perhaps it would be a good idea to start a new LS just for UK players?

      I tried this once a while back but it didnt seem to work very well, any UK players i asked were either not interested or in another linkshell. There were afew players that became part of the LS, but they were'nt very active AT ALL :confused:

      So, if your interested in starting an all UK LS, send me a PM, or send a /tell in-game to Serafina

      p.s. we seem to be in a good level range to PT together :D
      we should meet up in Garlaige sometime :p


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        *bursts into tears*


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          so.......guess that a no then? i could ask my LS if you wanna join that? its an all NA LS, but theres a good lot of them on whenever I play.....


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            No... the tears were those of

            I'll look you up this weekend and, yes, I'd love to group with you.


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              me 2

              :spin: i'm on fenrir 2 heheheh