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Who needs Rank 4?

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  • Who needs Rank 4?

    Good day!

    I'm hoping to round up some people to go and complete the final mission in Rank 3, and achieve Rank 4!

    I'm thinking either this weekend or next; whatever is best for the majority, to conquer the tower.

    If you're on Fenrir and can definitely commit to this weekend or next please let me know. I potentially have a good portion of my Linkshell joining but nothing verified; however, nothing wrong with having a massive alliance to tackle a mission quick and easy.

    So please, if you're interested and would like Rank 4, let me know and post your information!

    EDIT: My preferred time would be around 7 o'clock EST on either the 18th of this month of the 25th of this month.

    The mission takes approx several hours.

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    What level were you guys when you did this? I'm probably going to find a group of people to do this with soon.
    stop the hate


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      Two level 41's. We still got aggro if I remember correctly, but everything was pretty much easy--.

      Took a bit of time though.


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        Wow lol, I'm level 42 and still rank 3 >.>
        stop the hate