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Blacksmith guild request

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  • Blacksmith guild request

    I know i'm not the only one on this server, and i see plenty of people viewing my posts, but i guess Fenrir is mostly the quiet people.

    So despite the lack of response, but based on the number of views, i will make a request. Does anyone have sufficient blacksmith skills to synth decent RDM lvl 20 armour or swords? I will be glad to provide materials or other services in exchange. I'm working with a craft skill 8 blacksmith now, but he can't make me the good stuff. My arrangement with him is to give him all fire crystals i get, gave him 32 last night alone.

    Let me know if anyone has the skills to make an arrangement.
    Drk 70/ Rdm 30 / Sam 30 / Thf 34 / War 32 / Ninja 20 / Summoner 20
    Bastok 7-2
    Sky Access
    Lufaise Meadows Access