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    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

    Level 1 (Will start as a warrior)

    New to the game, just got it installed, posting from school at the moment x.x.
    If anyone feels like helping when I get on, feel free O.O


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      Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

      MAYLINA!!! SHISUI!!! :D

      Anyway... lol...

      Elvaan Ranger
      San d'Oria

      Anyone is more than welcome to send me a /tell. I also run a linkshell with my gf called TheTwilightPheonix. The mispelling is on purpose because anything with Phoenix was taken already. Anyone is welcome to join as well.

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      Originally posted by FinalPhantasy13
      Monk 50/War 25
      LS: HandodDeviance

      Trying to break 50 cap, let me know if you can help ^^
      Isn't it HandOfDeviance? heh... I know a girl in your ls too... Moghedian!
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      Elvaan- San d'Oria


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        Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

        Hello fellow players of Caitsith

        Been playing for a few months


        30 - WAR
        30 - SAM
        30 - MNK

        LS - SpiritsofThePhoenix

        From Sweden so ill be on UTC 17:00 - 21:00 on the weekdays

        Send a /tell whenever you feel like meeting or anything ^^


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          Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

          lvl 22pld is main at mo name Trocen or some thing like that i auto named so it hard to rembver at times
          30WAR 20DRG 15MNK 17WHM 37PLD 11BLM 3THF

          play on Catsith
          oh my online name is some thing like Trocen i need to check spelling but some thing like that

          i am a nooooooooooob

          rank 2 leather >< ant going up at all

          Rank 3


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            Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

            lvl 10
            xyphos sword and longbow
            red sun rising linkshell
            location : bastok


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              Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory


              Looking forward to helping anyone and everyone. If I'm on and free, I'll come.

              - 75 RDM
              - 75 SMN
              - 56 BLM
              - 38 WHM
              - 19 THF
              - 11 SAM
              - 8 PLD
              - 7WAR
              - Alchemy 60 (Passed Craftsman test)
              - Fishing 7
              - Basic: Bastok - Rank 10.
              - Zilart: ZM 14 (Sky!) Would love to finish all of the Zilart missions, anyone else?
              - CoP: 4-2
              - Treasures: Private 2nd class - on mission 3
              - Dynamis LS: Crusades
              - City: BastoksFinest
              - Social: Spirits Of The Phoenix & GondorKnights
              - Job: WarlockEnclaveHL -

              Home Page:]IBHalliwell
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                Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

                Hitsugaia - 62WHM/BLM, Rank6 Bastok.

                If any of you newer guys need help, send me a tell and I'll see if I can help you out. I hated shouting in Jeuno and I hate seeing people having to resort to it :3 Free Teleports on request if I'm not too busy, too. ^^ {Take care}


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                  Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory


                  - 75WHM/37BLM/37NIN

                  No crafts level'd that would be of any use at this time(I'm working on it though!) But if you need any help with quests or missions or anything that I can help with just PM me in game. I'm not big on doing the quests for you, but I'm more than willing to help you get it done. I'm more along the lines of helping you help yourself. Just the attitude I've had since the beginning, and I find you learn TONS if you have some guidance and not someone who does everything for you.

                  To all the new players, WELCOME! If your willing to put in the time and efforts into this game, you're going to be here for a while! There's a lot to gain from this game, espically the friendships you make along the way!



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                    Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

                    Mercenary Mithra for Hire!

                    Jobs: 75BRD, 75RDM, 73WHM, 63DRK, 60MNK, 40BLM, 40WAR, 37NIN, 37SMN, 37THF.

                    Crafts: Bonecraft66, Clothcraft30, Leathercraft30, Alchemy20

                    Missions: Windurst Rank10, Zilart Complete, CoP Complete.

                    Linkshells: Vanguard (Dynamis), VuniFriends(Social).

                    I'm willing to help out you new guys as long as you're willing to learn. And ZOMG I know it's hard to believe, but I'm a real girl. (though some people don't believe me -_-)


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                      Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory


                      Paladin 74

                      Linkshell- Legends (Currently Recruiting, shameful plug )

             Visit our forums and check us out!


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                        Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

                        JOBS: 75 whm, 75 war, 75nin, 75rdm, 52pld, 45drk, 37blm, 37smn, 33thf, 33bst, 33rng, 20mnk, 13brd, 11blu, 8sam, 8drg, 5pup, 5cor

                        CRAFTS: cloth 100+6, all the rest 60+1

                        MISSION: rank9 sandy, Zilart AA or DM, CoP Complete, Private 1st class

                        LS: Social Eyeofodin


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                          Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory
                          • Imrahil [Main Account]
                            • Jobs
                              • Paladin - 75
                              • Samurai - 75
                              • Ranger - 58
                              • Corsair - 28
                            • Crafting Skills
                              • Woodworking - 94 +3
                              • Cooking - 60
                              • Alchemy - 60
                              • Bonecraft - 60
                              • Clothcraft - 53
                              • Goldsmithing - 50
                              • Smithing - 48
                            • Missions
                              • San d'Oria - Rank 10
                              • Bastok - Rank 10
                              • Windurst - ...
                              • RoZ - Finished
                              • CoP - Finished
                              • ToAU - Private First Class
                            • Linkshells
                              • RogueAngelsII
                              • Samsara
                              • Crusade [Sackholder]
                          • Imrahilsquiver [Second Account]
                            • Jobs
                              • Famous Bazaar Mule
                            • Crafting Skills
                              • Woodworking - 68
                            • Linkshells
                              • RogueAngelsII
                          • Aniela [Second Account]
                            • Jobs
                              • Not-so-famous Alchemy Mule
                            • Crafting Skills
                              • Alchemy - 75
                              • Goldsmithing - 40
                            • Linkshells
                              • RogueAngelsII
                          Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.


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                            Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

                            hey guys my char.s name is Oriel

                            Rdmg 37
                            whmg 7
                            blmg 19


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                              Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

                              Samar, your ever friendly, helpfull, Elvaan BLM!

                              BLM 75
                              SAM 54
                              SMN 50
                              WHM 44

                              San dOria: Complete
                              Windurst: Rank 9 (On 9-1 atm)
                              Bastok: --
                              CoP: 4-2
                              ZM: Complete

                              Woodworking:.......21, >.>

                              ArcanceSanctum (Social)
                              Krimsonblades (Social)

                              Sig is the courtesy of Enishi, Remora Server

                              BLM 75
                              WHM 44
                              SMN 50
                              SAM 54

                              BLM Relic: 4/5 :D (I've been lucky >.>)
                              HQ Staves: 6
                              Zenith Mitts: O :D
                              Ugg. Pendant: X ; ;


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                                Re: Caitsith Server Player Directory

                                hi im melefics war lvl 13 and blm lvl 4 and im looking for a new link shell