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New LS, FallenHero, now recruiting!

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  • New LS, FallenHero, now recruiting!

    Hello, everyone and thanks for popping in! I am Nachtmahr and I am the leader of FallenHero, a LS group that is based on helping one-another and eventually venturing through all of the end-game content. I have been playing on and off since the NA release and had to take a break over the past year for personal reasons. Since my return, I have noticed that our server has seemingly taken quite a hit on it's active players and am here in order to help pull some of those remaining numbers together. We are happy to have vets of the game as well as those brand new, and would like to help in any way we can. You can either /tell me for a pearl or go to one of the lovely concierge NPCs about the towns and pull one from there. If you need any additional information, please, ask! Hope to see you soon!