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    Hi im a new player to the world of Final Fantasy

    Any help would be great, this game seems somewhat complex. At first i thought this was going to me a smash and attack game >< guess not. Since theirs more to it. Need people to play with.

    Im currently a Elvaan LV7 Warrior(as im making this thread) my ingame name is Aegisx, im in the city of San D'Oria so yeah... ><

    Im playing through the Xbox 360 my GT: I JusticeX19 I if your a xbox person as well.
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    Re: New player

    Well you will be playing solo until at least level 10. Its just better for you that way since you'll earn more exp and level faster. One of the things I always tell new people is to go out and explore. Don't worry about leveling or dying, go out and see the FFXI world. Treat every mob like it can aggro or go over to and look the zones to see what mobs aggro or not.

    Once you hit level 10/11 then head over to the Valkurm Dunes and seek for a party. Right outside the zone you can kill easy prey mobs while you wait for a party.

    FFXI is an incredible experience if you have the patience and the time to play it. It is not like WoW where you can get to max level in a month, it could take you 3 months or 3 years to achieve that in this game.
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