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Back after a few years off, but Lost

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  • Back after a few years off, but Lost

    Hey Guys,

    Long story short, I am back to FFXI. I am a Rank 5 from Bastok. I have Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, Treasures of Aht Urhgan and WotG installed, but I havent really delved into them ...i find it difficult to find parties thatwant to do that stuff anymore.

    My FFXI experience has been much of the same... Leveling mages primarily, trying out BST and BLU solo is kinda fun but stlow, and trying to find people to help me with objectives (missions, unlocking new areas i.e. wotg, etc).

    So long story short....I'm not sure what to do now. I am back and I started leveling NIN mainly to farm some stuff for cooking (level 31 currently) but my norg fame isn't high enough past level 10...need Ichi.

    Ack. I seem to keep hitting walls. My highest level WHM53 seems to be a job that many arent looking for anymore, and my main goal is to progess one of my jobs into the later levels. I hope this would open more doors for me. I just keep finding that when I get an invite, I can't access those areas.

    It's my first day back for a long time, and I am already feeling a bit...helpless.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a server I should move to that might be more involved in some old Storyline stuff (or WotG stuff) so I could make progessing easier? I feel like all the invites I get are in WotG areas....but I can't make any progess without a party that's willing to go through WotG!

    Ack, i dunno. I'm on Ragnorak. Maybe I should list all the stuff I HAVE accomplished and see what you guys think I should do next.



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    Hit level 10 NIN! Guess I'll throw on BLU and head to Giddeus to get Yag necklaces.

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    Re: Back after a few years off, but Lost

    WHM is probably the single most sought after job in Lv.80+ play now, FYI.

    As to what you should do: Level up WHM to ~80 or so, and make sure you have all the spells.

    Can slack a bit on the Recall series, I suppose, but make sure you level up SCH as SJ. Some would argue /RDM is better at WHM80/RDM40 and later, but before that /SCH is the undisputed best SJ for WHM, and many people think even after /RDM gives Convert and Refresh /SCH remains the superior SJ.

    After getting to Lv.80+, meeting people, and making friends, you can pursuit the storyline missions a lot easier.

    If the invite rate at lower levels are not good, go solo some EPs using Field of Valor. Yes; hammer and shield.
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      Re: Back after a few years off, but Lost

      I'm still a lowbie right now, but if you come to Valefor I'd definitely do stuff with you that doesn't involve Abyssea, as I don't have that expansion atm either. If you want to level your WHM, we can do some level sync duos and crap like that.


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        Re: Back after a few years off, but Lost

        Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice and help. So I've been playing for a few days, and I have been staying very busy, but I'm still having trouble with finding parties as WHM. I actually leveled up to 54 in the Dunes with a party, but I'd rather up my stats and such. But hey, beggers can't be choosers.

        So since I came back, I leveled Blue Mage from 33 to 35, got a whole bunch of Yag Necklaces for Ichi and SMN quests, and did some cooking. I must admit that it is fun again, ...but I'm doing the same stuff that I used to do..random stuff. I want to take a job and level it to the top! I feel like if I level WHM solo that my stats will suffer.

        And Shadow - I may take you up on that :D