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  • Hey! :D

    Whatsup? I am new to the world of vana'diel, and at the moment it is updating. So I dicided to join this forum, and get some insight on the game before I get into it. Anyways, just thought I would say hello! I heard that not many people play this game anymore, is that true? If so, is their a certain server that I should join? THANKS! :D

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    Re: Hey! :D

    The population on most, if not all, servers have been stable throughout the entire life of the game. It may have peaked, but you definately wont find any empty servers.

    My advice is to plan your career path out in advance. If you're going melee, Warrior is a universally accepted sub, and if you're mage it's White Mage. For melee I would suggest taking Monk to 18, unlocking your sub, then taking Warrior to 37 as War/Mnk. For mage it would be Black Mage to 18, sub job quest, and then White Mage to 37 as Whm/Blm. Sub jobs mean a lot in this game and you'll most likely spend a lot of time leveling sub jobs just for other sub jobs.

    If you know all this already, you're one step ahead of the average beginner!


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      Re: Hey! :D

      Hello and welcome to ffxi. Im not much of an expert but the best advice i can give u is to choose a race by what you think looks better and not by stats. Whatever race u choose, u will be staring at it throughout your ffxi experience.


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        Re: Hey! :D

        Hello and welcome to the forums Ahi_Kahli. ^^
        Since you're a new adventurer, you might want to check out the following links:

        FINAL FANTASY XI New Player Guide

        And there are several more guides and other helpful things you can find on the same board:
        Frequently Asked Questions - Final Fantasy XI :: Dreams in Vana'diel :: Community

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          Re: Hey! :D

          Welcome! It's always great to see new faces here.

          Every MMO in existence, perhaps save for one (you probably know which one) has the potential to peak in its popularity and decline from there. Some decline faster and in greater volume than others, but very rarely (if ever) does a once-popular MMO ever simply die out after peaking.

          You may find a smaller portion of players online at any given time than you would 2-3 years ago, but FFXI still has a lot of life left in it, and it won't have any major impact on your enjoyment of the game.
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            Re: Hey! :D

            Hey, thanks! the game got done downloading like at 2am lol. To be honest, I forgot it was updating xD. But yes, thank you all for the warm welcome! :D


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              Re: Hey! :D

              my advice is to pick a server that has people from a forum u talk on alot so you have some help and someone to ask questions. trust me it helps alot.

              other than that, Welcome to the world of FFXI and i hope you dont desert the game when you hit the dunes like some people do X.X

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