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Selphiie's FFXI Farming Guide

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  • Selphiie's FFXI Farming Guide

    Selphiie The Enchantress: Guide To Farming

    Hiya, Just thought I'd share my farming guide with the FFXIOnline community.

    If you would like to submit an entry, please see how to do so on the Farming Blog, Thank You ^^

    Manta Skins
    Coeurl Meat/Whisker/Hide
    Lizard Egg/Skin/Tail
    Beast Blood/Fiend Blood
    Bugard Skin/Tusks
    Rolanberry Fields
    Beastman Blood
    Land Crab Meat
    Karakul Skin/Meat
    Manticore Hair/Fang/Hide
    Giant Bird Plume/Feather
    Moblin Thread
    Dragon Blood
    Golem/Doll SHards
    Black Tiger Fang/Hide
    Cockatrice Meat
    Snow Lily
    King Truffle
    Beehive Chips/Honey
    Angel Skin
    Tree Cuttings/Wisteria Lumber
    Slime Oil
    Zeruhn Mines
    Silk Thread
    Shadow Dragon
    Tiger's Teeth
    Seeing Spots
    Update(2/22/08): Updated Guide with "Seeing Spots"
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    Your resource for FFXI Farming

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    Re: Selphiie's FFXI Farming Guide

    There's a lot of good information here, some of it is actually showing a lot of the easy and profitable, NPCable drops that players often take for granted. Farming is never a quick endeavor, but with some dedication its can still be profitable, particularly when you dovetail it into your crafting.


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      Re: Selphiie's FFXI Farming Guide

      That is some awesome information. Thanks.


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        Re: Selphiie's FFXI Farming Guide

        Nice, thanks!

        I've been needing a change. I always do silk/beehive chips in east saruta and scorpion claws in the Maze (for making my arrowheads)

        Also, might add if you are farming crawlers in Saruta, and you are subbing THF, you might as well steal a ball of saruta cotton when you run by a mandy. Stack of those sell really well, and I've have real good luck on the steal rates on them.

        Thanks for the sig, Selphiie!!

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          Re: Selphiie's FFXI Farming Guide

          Well there goes every way I've ever made gil. (/goodbye) (Money)

          Oh well, atleast we finaly have an awesome resource to shut up the army of noobs complaining they can't make money. (/bow)


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            Re: Selphiie's FFXI Farming Guide

            Wow, this kind of resources was awesome, Thanks


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              Re: Selphiie's FFXI Farming Guide

              Thank you Selphiie that was very sweet of you to compile that for the new struggling players of Vana'diel! I hope you don't mind if I also put it in the New User section. ^^
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