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Anyone rememmber ChocoMaze?

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  • Anyone rememmber ChocoMaze?

    it used to be a big deal round here 'roundabouts 2003.

    i've been looking for it for a while but the original link is dead and as far as i know it's not been uploaded anywhere else.

    so i decided to dig up my old computer and retrieve it. Video brought back some fond memories so i youtube'd it in the event that anybody is interested.

    [ame=]YouTube - ChocoMaze[/ame]

    youtube kinda f**k'ed the quality but it's to be expected with youtube.

    edit: did not realize that the youtube video would be embedded within the thread. i advise you to actually click the link and head to youtube so you can at least "watch in high quality", it makes a decent amount of difference for this particular video
    Gallant Leggings - Obtained
    Gallant Gauntlets- Obtained
    Gallant Coronet - Obtained
    Gallant Breeches - Obtained
    Gallant Surcoat - Obtained

    Thats right, Paladin AF complete... booyah

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    Re: Anyone rememmber ChocoMaze?

    Don't remember it but its quite amusing :D
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