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pix of ppl who play ffxi...or at one time played FFXI....for f**ks sake...

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  • pix of ppl who play ffxi...or at one time played FFXI....for f**ks sake...

    hey everyone,

    i was talking in the darklight ls the other day and we all thought it would be cool if ppl would post a pix of themselves so we know wat ppl look like. This way we can get an idea of wat u actually look like when you are chatting . So whoever has a pc or digi cam come and let us know what u look like. i hope this thread becomes a fun one and plz dont post ne insults of somebody. this is just for pure fun.

    When you post your pix can you plz list info in this order:

    Ingame Name

    This is all you have to put. you can put additional info about ur self if you would like. well i hope u guys start posting alot of pix. everyone is invited that play ffxi.

    ps. sorry guys i didnt post first at my college rite now in the computer lab:spin:
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    ok ok ...i will post a pic of me ....but i dont want to be first ever,right now my hair is like ...hmm i dont want to say ...hehe you will see when i post ...can i post a pic when i wear a hat or something??

    yeah, and its me in the avatar ...

    btw! this is going to be so fun ....and knowing how the person look like is nice when u chat with them

    yeah and in-game name is gaara and im on ragnarok ....and im in dark light too
    Gaara - blm61
    Keffy - thf73


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      ... hmmm... I'll go first then :p
      This is not exactly a photo... but it's a charcoal drawing I drew myself from reflection in the mirror. muwahaha

      My character info is in my signature
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        i dont play anymore


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          ok! ok! ...i will start with an old picture ...well its not that old ...its from this winter... im the one to the right

          now when i have posted ...i hope to see other faces there too

          elponcho, the picture is from schweiz
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          Gaara - blm61
          Keffy - thf73


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            sweet, CliXx3r, do you ride? Where did you take that pic.?
            Booya Grandma Booya


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              [EDIT] Picture actually inserted [/EDIT]

              If you go to pic 01, it shows me sticking out my tongue showing my tongue ring. Heh.

              Anyway, here is a bit of an autobiography. I am an eighteen-year-old computer science major at East Tennessee State University. I, obviously, live in Tennessee. I have no knowledge of Japanese although I do plan to take a few courses on it while I am in college. I work at Hot Topic in Johnson City, Tennessee. I am part of the management staff there with my official title being keyholder. I am really outgoing, open, liberal, and far from shy. I talk a lot and meet a lot of people as a result of this. I was one of the "freaks" in high school as I had blue hair for three years, which was wonderful. I never really cared about the people in this area because of their high levels of intolerance. A lot of people used to think that I was a drug-addict or an alcoholic whenever I had blue hair. The truth is that I have never drank a drop of alcohol nor have I done any drugs. I really dislike the stigmas that go along with being an individual. I got used to it going to a redneck county school. Anyway, I thought I would give a little bit of insight into who I am. If you want to chat with me, catch me on AIM under JncoDragon, Yahoo under, MSN as, and ICQ 42973610.

              Last but not least, I am on the Ramuh server, a member of IMT, and my in-game name is Lunis. The name originated from an original role-playing character I used back in the day. I used to play D&D, Magic, etc. :D



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                LOL ... Gaara ... OMG you look nothing like I thought you would O.o ... I was thinking you were like freakish or something, but you look totaly normal LOL ... Well, you know what I mean ;;; I hope (*''.)b

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                  Ok!! im gonna post a pic soon i just need to get my friends digi cam! I prmoised when this came up on darklight the other day that i would post. I know you all will expect something crazy from the extremly naughty MM!! ^^


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                    well since you said only actual players have to post their faces then you wont get to see mine :p XD!!
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                      Vwehe.. oki, here's me.

                      Oh, right, name'n server.

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                        okie ^^ heres a pic of me n my bf (crazy) ^^ this was taken a while bak when we lived in korea^^

                        Crazyasian and Angeldust
                        we are both on the ragnarok server^^

                        Enjoy ^^

                        [Update] ull see the picture later on.. something happened b4 so i couldnt repost it.. lol anyways enjoy!
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                          awww how cute^^ lol

                          ok i will try and post my picture asap, i gotta get a scanner so i can scan one of my school pictures and put it up~~

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                            Wow, I didn't know Jei could draw so well. He's full of surprises.

                            I took this picture a long time ago with the free webcam I got from the good people of Verizon. Moral of this story: Don't use free webcams from Verizon.

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                              lol^^ maxim its so hard to see u in the picture so dark ^^
                              "Angels around us, angels beside us, angels within us. Angels are watching over you when times are good or stressed. Their wings wrap gently around you, whispering you are loved and blessed."