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Xmas 2007 And Other Stories

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  • Xmas 2007 And Other Stories

    On Dec 25th 2007 (seriously), myself in the guise of my temp-mule Doot along with Nost, Morz, Poopi and Zell went to kill a dragon.

    My lvl16, subless MNK brought along the fist-based xmas cheer.. >.>

    Here's us having a pre-fight picnic:

    And here's me pretending to look like I've actually managed to pull hate (lolz):

    I like to think my santa suit helped confuse the crap out of the fearsome beast in some small way.

    This is Deeke. He's about to go looking for bees to kill. The airship in this picture excites me in all manner of ways.

    An irritating bastard of a sheep who kept trying to nibble on my boomerang (and no, that's not a sexual innuendo). Here's me fending him off.

    I'm from Nottingham, Robin Hood's local district. That's totally why I have l33t sk1llz with a bow.

    Having difficulty sneaking around Davoi? Do what I did - peel the skin off of an orc and wear it as a disguise!

    Deeke as a bad-arse DRG. Note Maggie trying to keep up in the background. She couldn't though. Because I'm well fast.

    My first EVAR Jump. A.w.e.s.o.m.e.

    Still on my DRG, this effing bunny killed me dead. BUT.. not before I got a Dia off on his rabbitty ass. Which meant, a few seconds later..


    As if that wasn't enough ell-oh-ell action, check this.. lolzilla!

    The start of the xmas event. I'm actually pretty claustrophobic as well as harbouring a very particular dislike of having my personal space invaded. Oh, and santa suits are obviously a bit weird. I'm SO creeped out at this point..

    Here's Sidi (yay!). And hark, she's wearing an extremely silly hat.

    Ru'lude Gardens landscape:

    Sarooty landscape:

    "Hey man." "Hey." "Sup?" "Not much.. You?" "Nope. Just standin' around holdin' me scythe." "Cool.."

    Was out wandering with Sidi one night. We went wyvern-poking. Aaand.. the inevitable occurred. I laughed and I laughed and I laughed..

    And then I died too. And then a crab came over and sat on my face. Fun times.

    My Jeuno mule. Reminds me of a Rene Magritte. (I have mules for the other three cities too - a cookie if you can guess what they're called.. )

    Deeke trying his best to freak out the mobs in Sarooty. This Mandy took one look and turned the other way. I like to think I mentally scarred him for life.

    It's always a good idea to make sure though...

    Xmas dingleberries!

    Fact: Sidi swings a MEAN great sword. Poor crabby..

    In fact, let's have more Sidi. Tis never a bad thing. Here she is looking for Leaping Lizzy.

    I popped over to help. Aw, bless.

    Doot doing his recruit-o-thang:

    The lovely Penelopey of Asura's moghouse! HOW COOL!?!!?!!! /kneel..

    /sigh^^ A romantic warm evening on Purgonorgo Isle.. The sleepy rhythm of the ocean surf.. The soft sand caressing my bare feet.. The monkey singing me a sweet, sweet song....

    Another night wandering with Sidi. Can you guess what happened? Yep...

    Making new friends:

    This is a screenshot from a nightmare I had one night after reading Alice In Wonderland. Moogle ate some cake he really shouldn't have.

    SquareEnix scraping the barrel for names here methinks..

    Sidi attempted to fight an NM in the middle of a college lecture. This was the result. Shouldn't laugh, really. (But hey, I did.)

    One of the funniest things I've yet seen in game. Sat in my recruiting spot all peaceful like, then BAM, Charly runs around the corner and drops like a stack of cards right in front us, dead as dead can be. Intentionally and perfectly timed to die right at that spot? I don't know. But it was AWESOME.

    I like trees.

    I don't like bees.

    A happy sight. ^_^

    Looking for bees.... >.>;

    Chilling out with the Sidmeister.

    Still chilling out with the Sidmeister.

    Probably not a very sensible time to be chilling out with the Sidmeister...

    Lonely levelling on Doot, pre-Fuzzwuzz. *cry*

    Sidi silently questioning where her Refresh is.

    "Deeke, stop crying for God's sake.."

    Deeke. In Jeuno. Trying to get to the auction house counter. AND UNABLE TO DO SO BECAUSE OF THIS ELF STARING AT SOME HUME'S TITS! ><;;

    An awesome little three-person party with a random pair of moogle-hat wearing JP Tarus. I'm in love.

    Xmas is OFFICIALLY over.

    And I'm out! \(^_^)/
    Oh, Warp. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

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    Re: Xmas 2007 And Other Stories

    You must be a riot to be around with! Nice pics ^.^

    Oh and **** bees!
    signatures are for pussies mew mew mew, here's mine


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      Re: Xmas 2007 And Other Stories

      Thanks for the post

      A nice pick-me-up to my day.


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        Re: Xmas 2007 And Other Stories

        that must've been an awesome christmas

        i can't wait for this year's christmas
        hopefully it'll be awsome as well, i'm on cerberus server